“Choices 1 and 2” Nikki McComb


Nikki McComb  Choices 1 and 2  $400-$600



Choices 1 and 2
The photo stories are made to raise awareness in these areas:
Remembering forgotten victims taken by gun violence in Minnesota

Prompting people with information being compelled to come forward in unsolved cases

Reaching policy makers and elected officials to support the campaigns efforts
Ensuring community is aware of unsafe gun laws being authorized within legislation

Reaching those who need help in removing themselves from dangerous living situations or barriers that may have them feeling the need to possess and use illegal weapons in crimes against others
Sharing stories of mental health and other underlying issues that lead to violence
Giving those who suffer from any of the topics of focus a voice to use through art

The three part series titled choices is 600.00 each piece in this series  –  sized at 24 x 36 silk matte and unframed. Framed= 750.00 total. Additional charges for delivery. 

Other works with a human body of a real person are 400.00 for a 24 x 36 silk matte framed work.  See More  Nikki


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