Outer Banks

September 2019
I planned to finish my Atlantic Ocean 2020 project with a research trip to the Outer Banks.  I have been working on this project since 2013.  I have driven from Fort Kent Maine to Key West Florida to talk to people about what they have seen and experienced on their beloved shores.  I grew up in Maine.  My feeling about the “Great Pond” are profound.  Read more about the project

I had 7 hotel reservations from Charleston , SC to Wilmington, North Carolina. I had appointments with university professors, town officials and fishermen/women.  I planned to land on September 7 in Charleston.  THEN: Dorian arrived.

Delta Airlines Cancels and offers FREE tickets. FIRST time in MY 68 years   Supporting Data

Hotels closed- FIRST time in MY 68 years. This one is over 100 years old.  Will it be there tomorrow?  Supporting Data  




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I thought about going anyway but it seemed so very inappropriate to be there asking these questions in the aftermath of what happened.  I will be returning sometime in the near future.