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Subject: Hurricane Dorian update #2

We wanted to take an opportunity to provide an update on hurricane Dorian. Unfortunately, the forecasted track is taking this hurricane dangerously close to our coastline tonight and tomorrow. If what they are forecasting takes place, we will be unable to open back up on Friday, Saturday, or possibly even Sunday. Also, the island may be closed for a few days. Therefore, our plan is to reopen on Tuesday assuming we can get everything cleaned up and there’s not too much damage to the boardwalk down to the ocean.

Of course we remain hopeful, and if the outcome is better than anticipated, we will be right back in touch and try to open sooner. Please stay tuned and we will provide updates tomorrow evening and Friday morning with a better idea of what we are facing.


My personal email will be the best way reach me moving forward, it is


Here are 2 helpful links:

Our formal policy on cancellations (found at the bottom of this page):

The hurricane tracking site that we actively monitor for information and the latest updates:


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