Gritique Minutes

Gritique Minutes 9- 21-2021

Greg, Volker, Barbara Bridges, Susan Ganien, Debb Ripp present.

All 4  support the development of a Critique Opportunity sponsored by ACW. Objective: To make our work better.
Possible Working Title:  Grit-ique Group

Issues to consider.  Nothing is set in stone.  This is just the beginning of the conversation.

What is my goal.  Did I meet that goal?
Viewers express thoughts first. Visual, Sounds, Goal, Context (historical /social/emotional)
No embedded worldviews allowed
Technical Aspect – Elements and Principals
Cultural Appropriation
Gender issues
Speaker shares their bias
art and/vs/or craft

A procedure will be developed.
An application will be developed.  Attendees inform themselves to be better able to offer knowledgeable feedback.

Nascent ideas for possible model:

Year subscription to belong to the Grit-ique Group includes 2 personal critiques 2-hours each. Must attend at least 3 fellow GG critiques.  $100 a year for ACW members ($50 for students). $150 for non-members.

Application will include choice of three different levels.


This idea builds trust and community withing ACW.


ACTION : Greg will formalize a complete proposal with the help of the Grit Group Advisory Committee and  submit to the to the ACW Task Force for review and approval. A deadline of end of October 31 is the goal for this first draft.



Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Bridges