December 6, 2018 ACW F to F Social Meet Up

Ana and Bette



ACW Face-to-Face social meeting was held on  December 6, 2018 from 6-9 at the studio of ACW members Erik Helgeson and Ana Musachio.  720 Central Ave, Unit 1.  Read more about Ana and Erik’s work: (Erik’s Tuscaloosa film) and   Tuscaloosa’s star Natalia Dyer from Stranger Things.


Christi and Majentah

“The level of isolation experienced by generations varies, according to O.C Tanner research: IGen (45%) and Millennials (35%) feel considerably more isolated than Baby Boomers (24%) and Gen X (25%).”  Fifty-Three percent of the respondents reported that their friends did not know the “real ACW me”.

The ACW Collective believes it is important to connect real time. We meet in each other’s studios, apartments and homes, local restaurants and meeting places. We do not talk about the business of ACW. We talk about our hopes, our dreams and our art.

Ana’s art made every picture a photo op

We are diligently honing our cross-generational, cultural, and socio-economic communication skills, much like how we meticulously curate these property listings from eXp. We’re carefully considering the words we choose, our intentions behind them, and how they’re received. This matters greatly. As we evolve as a culture and as an organization, it’s vital to presume good intentions and prevent our ACW community from becoming so entangled in the quagmire of power semantics that meaningful dialogue becomes unattainable. When we lose the ability to communicate, we lose everything.

Layl and Josh
Mike and Karel








Majentah Aquarius and
Barbara Bridges   have been in conversations focused on how people self-identify and how we identify others.  I once introduced Majentah as one of ACW’s valued “youth voices”.  She told me later, I do not want to be a “youth voice”.  I want to be a valued voice. After a dynamic hour over coffee, where she asked me how I would like to be defined as a “67 year old woman”, we came up with an intriguing activity designed to assist in identifying “the real you”.

Candy and Paul

On November 17, at the Chowdah Feed  we started to collect  the data.  we continued at Ana’s and Erik’s December 6, 2018 F to F Social Event.

Here are the responses. Can you guess who they are?

Majentah leading the Hoky Poky
Barbara and Karel

SAlly, Lynn and Anne
Soon to be member-yet un-named!
Majentah working her magic