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Covid Masks    Hand Made. One of a Kind.  $15.00- $40.00.  Thank you so much for helping support our project.  We give 50% of our masks away to essential workers who are once again marginalized because they can not afford designer masks!

Pricing explanation. Frida fabric is very expensive, postage is $4.50, Cabochons are handmade and beading  is time intensive.  I am simply trying not to lose money.  Each mask has a pocket to insert a hepa filter-I use a square cut from vacuum bags.   Not included. Hand Wash.    Please reach out if we can create a custom mask for you or a friend. Your charms and your fabric. $40.00. Contact us to make masks for your serving  staff or  bridal party!  Contact me at

Scroll down for Frida, Edgy and Elegant, Custom and Kid collections.

All new masks include elastic which is tied in back with a ribbon which keeps mask from slipping and let’s you wear around neck for convenience.  Some matching Adult and Children pairs.   Click to enlarge. 

I have been fascinated with mask making for decades. I have around 50 masks from Mexico here in my bedroom (inspired by Frida, of course). I have created mask making lesson plans: and visited Cajun country and was one of the first women to ride in Mardi Gras “Run for a Chicken” traditional parade. People throughout history have always been drawn to wearing masks- they allow the wearer to adopt a different persona. It is seductive.

Now, however, the need for a mask is what we hope is a once in a generation necessity…. and not for a good reason. I have often wondered when I saw people in airports with masks on. Now I get it. I have been making masks and you can make them, too.

The Covid 19 virus attacks the elderly, the medically compromised from asthma, obesity etc, the poor, the incarcerated and the marginalized who are forced into crowded working conditions because if they do not work, they do not eat. You may not be at risk but they all are. What kind of person do you want to be? Thanks for keeping yourself and the people around you safe by wearing a mask.

See  our ACW mask archive and see how to make your own masks at:

Adopted Masks

Edgy/ Eclectic and Elegant Collection

# 88 Sea with Dolphin, Fish and Crab… Back Ribbon Embellishments  $30.00

Black mask with Rhinestones Hamsa, skull, mariposa, Mexican Katrina . Special Commission  $50.00 Adopted

#44 red silk with milagro heart from Petatlan Mexico church and angel . Owl and butterfly charms on back ribbon Adopted

#112 Paw with bone and hand  $15.00

#113 Red cotton with Rhinestone and ribbon embellishments  $30.00

#114 Frida with butterfly milagro heart and ribbon embellishments  $40

102 Paw Print with dog house Adopted

103 Flores with heart feather and ribbon embellishment Adopted

105 linen Brasil with heart bling star

106 Bling butterfly bling love charms $40

#96 Sea with sailboat and fish charm $15.00 X

#37 white cotton skull and mask charm $15.00 X

#98 Pup fabric with joy, heart and I love my baby charm $15.00 X

# 99 Love bug with owl and bow charm $15.00 X

#86 Black mask- one elegant diamond . Back ribbon D $ 15.00 X

Black Rhinestone with Mexican skull and rhinestone ribbon -special commission $40.00 Adopted

#91 Angry Bird with peace sign and heart D $15.00X

Linen with skull and mask X $1500

# 79 Mini-Apple (Minneapolis) support mask . Adjustable back tie  Adopted

#61 sphere with Peace sign with back ribbon tie Adopted

#60 Rainbow with crystal and back ribbon tie   Adopted

#83 Red Lips -white silk – with angel and back ribbon  Adopted

#17 Love One of  Two Fabric Milagro Heart   $40 X

Batik Bee One of a Kind  with Love Charm  #25  $ 40.00 X Adopted

Disney DD with musical note and heart #57 $ 15.00 X

# 43 Barcode with skull  $15.00 X

You -Two of a Kind # 38  with rose and Hamsa Hand Adopted

Disney DD with star #55  $15.00 X

Batik Bee One of a Kind  Yellow Heart #30  $40 X

White Cotton with bronze skull Adopted


White cotton with bronze skull and Tree of Life with beads  # 31 $ 20.00 X

# 76 Hello Kitty with kitty charm and adjustable back tie D $20.00X

#81 Hand Painted red lips with Milagro heart . Adjustable back tie  Adopted

Bar Code with peace sign #29  $15.00 X

Disney Micky Minnie with cat charm Detail #54 Adopted

You with Love key and milagro heart # 42 Detail $30 X

Bar Code Tree of Life # 34   $15.00 X

Fish  fish charm Heart #19  Adopted  

#64 Minnie with heart and key $20.00X


# 52  Frida stripes quarter inch cabochon + love charm Detail Adopted



# 51 Frida quarter inch cabochon + Milagro heart Detail # 51   Adopted

#87 Frida cloth with milagro heart, frida cabachon and glass chili Adopted

#45 Frida cloth with mask and glass chili pepper with dragon fly and frida cabachon on ribbon tie $50.00 X

#46 Frida fabric, cabochon, milagro and flamingo charms $40.00X

# 50 Frida fabric with bird and swan charms Adopted

# 89 Frida cloth with milagro heart from Petatlan Mexico , Frida cabachon D $40.00. X

72 Frida cloth with Cabochon   Adopted

Frida  8 Stripes  – 3/4 inch cabochon  Adopted

# 59 Frida fabric with ribbon back tie and Cabochon Adopted

Frida  9 white silk  – 3/4 inch cabochon $30 X

Frida  10 Sea  Fish – 3/4 inch cabochon  $30 X

# 49 Frida flower fabric quarter inch cabochon +love key  Adopted

Frida  6  Adopted  

Children’s Collection

# 80 Paw Patrol with paw and mask charm. Adjustable back tie $15.00

#66 Rainbow C with Green Heart and back ribbon tie $15.00

#67 Minnie with Kitty charm and ribbon back tie  $15.00

#68 kente cloth Milagro Heart and back ribbon tie $15.00

#69 Sphere with mask and heart with back ribbon tie

#70 Sally and Jeff  with back ribbon tie

#71 Wonderwoman with heart and star   and back ribbon tie C $15.00

#75 Paw paw I love my puppy charm and  back ribbon tie  $15.00


Anne  Klienhetz   Special Tie Dyed fabric.  Catholic Iconography

Created for doctor Jill Stebbins .  Ties with elastic to go up over bike helmet and considering of hearing aids











Kit Rocha – Author’s Logo for Mercenary Librarians


Barbara’s Wonder Woman Mask and Covid Hair Solution

In the very timeworn opening lines from ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ seems apropos at the moment; “It was the best of times; it was  the worst of times…

We must figure out how to build resilience into our future endeavors – sooner or later some other catastrophic event will  radically alter our lives and we will confront untold challenges again – hopefully as more prepared citizens. The leading  attribute to being successful is adaptability. We are facing steep challenges as well as opportunities in every environment.   For yourself, be generous, notice small joys. Prepare more, worry less.

How to make a mask yourself.