Adopted Masks

# 84 Wonderwoman with star and Love charm. Back Ribbon D $ 30.00 Adopted

# 52  Frida stripes quarter inch cabochon + love charm Detail Adopted



# 51 Frida quarter inch cabochon + Milagro heart Detail   Adopted

#87 Frida cloth with milagro heart, frida cabachon and glass chili Adopted

#114 Frida with butterfly milagro heart and ribbon embellishments Adopted

#129 Gold 2 Rhinestone All Silk with Embellished ribbons Adopted

Batik Bee One of a Kind  Yellow Heart #30  Adopted

Batik Bee One of a Kind  with Love Charm  #25  $ 40.00 X Adopted

Fish  fish charm Heart #19  Adopted  

# 99 Love bug with owl and bow charm    Adopted

Linen with skull and mask X $15.00  Adopted

# 79 Mini-Apple (Minneapolis) support mask . Adjustable back tie  Adopted

# 76 Hello Kitty with kitty charm and adjustable back tie D $20.00X

You -Two of a Kind # 38  with rose and Hamsa Hand Adopted

#45 Frida cloth with mask and glass chili pepper with dragon fly and frida cabachon on ribbon tie Adopted


# 50 Frida fabric with bird and swan charms Adopted

72 Frida cloth with Cabochon   Adopted

Frida  8 Stripes  – 3/4 inch cabochon  Adopted

# 59 Frida fabric with ribbon back tie and Cabochon Adopted

# 55 Disney DD with star #55  Adopted

Bar Code with peace sign #29  Adopted

#60 Rainbow with crystal and back ribbon tie   Adopted

#83 Red Lips -white silk – with angel and back ribbon  Adopted
Could make more.

# 49 Frida flower fabric quarter inch cabochon +love key  Adopted

Frida  6  Adopted  

#64 Minnie with heart and key Adopted

#132 Wonderwoman with embellishments on ribbons Red Silk Lining  Adopted

#148 Flower with Mariposa  Adopted

#96 Sea with sailboat and fish charm Adopted

#125 Bling Zebra  All SILK embellished ribbons  Adopted

#126 Wonderwoman new  All SILK embellished ribbons  Adopted

#113 Red cotton with Rhinestone and ribbon embellishments Adopted

#116 Blue Bling All SILK embellished ribbons  Adopted

#138 Cotton Bandana  Adopted

#130 Red Rhinestone All Silk with Embellished ribbons  Adopted

#131 Cotton CAmo with embellishments on ribbons  Adopted

#142 Zebra Rhinestone ALL Silk with ribbon embellishments Adopted

#143 CAmo -lepoard ALL Silk with ribbon embellishments Adopted

#98 Pup fabric with joy, heart and I love my baby charm Adopted

# 88 Sea with Dolphin, Fish and Crab… Back Ribbon Embellishments  Adopted

Black mask with Rhinestones Hamsa, skull, mariposa, Mexican Katrina . Special Commission  Adopted

#86 Black mask- one elegant diamond . Back ribbon Adopted

Black Rhinestone with Mexican skull and rhinestone ribbon -special commission $40.00 Adopted

#91 Angry Bird with peace sign and heart D Adopted


#112 Paw with bone and hand Adopted

#44 red silk with milagro heart from Petatlan Mexico church and angel . Owl and butterfly charms on back ribbon Adopted

# 78 Bird breast cancer and skulls on back ribbon tie Adopted

Frida 7 Red Silk    Click to enlarge details  Adopted

#95 Bandana with good luck clover Adopted

#93 Wonderwoman with star and heart Adopted

#94 Bandana with skull D Adopted

#35   Love – 2 of a kind, key, bronze filigree heart  Adopted

Zebra # 18 Green  Heart  Adopted  

Love Bug heart and butterfly Detail #53 $ 15.00 X

Lizard Orange Heart# 12  Adopted

#   65 Kente cloth with back ribbon tie Adopted

Mexican Green Stripe – 3/4 inch cabochon # 23  Adopted

White Silk with Saint medal   #21  $20  Adopted

Frida fabric quarter inch cabochon + green heart Detail B # 48     Adopted

Red Lips with Milagro heart Skull Ribbon charms  $40.00 Adopted

104 Hand printed skull bronze skull charm  Adopted

101 Paw Print with Cat and Heart Charm  Adopted

Dogs with cat charm # 51 $ Adopted

# 73 Frida cloth with cabochon   with   back ribbon tie Adopted

#81 Hand Painted red lips with Milagro heart . Adjustable back tie Adopted

#82 Red Lips Hand Painted, white silk with mariposa  with Back Ribbon (butterfly)  $25.00 X

                                    Batik 5 circles One of a kind # 27 Adopted

Sea with Dolphins and green heart# 20    $15.00 Adopted

Bird with Purple Heart  # 28  Adopted

Blue Green Stripes with dog paw and Tree of Life  Adopted

# 62 Hello Kitty with Kitty charm and back ribbon tie $ 20.00  Adopted

#88 Sea with starfish and crab charm Adopted

Zebra # 14  Red Heart  Adopted  

                                                                          Sea with Life buoy and turtle # 40 Adopted

Frida  Fabric # 11  Adopted

 Fish with Milagro Heart # 15   Adopted

Ocean with Peace sign # 39 $15.00 Adopted

Flower Mask with green heart    Adopted

Fish with starfish and dragon fly   # 22  Adopted

Bar Code with Life Buoy #41 Adopted

Kitty with Green Stripe # 33  Adopted

Frida 4 Cabachon  Adopted