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Works Which Will Appear. Deconstruction of Barbie B (right).  Bring your objects to the Grand Hand workshop on June 29 !!

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Barbie B
In the collection of Barbara Bridges.  Barbie B was created from objects from my history but not being worn.
Now there is a new narrative.



Hand over Heart

18 ” X  1″

Found Objects with Patzquaro enamel .  Home is  wooden handcrafted heart.

In the collection of Linda Fox



Most Necklaces include a wall hanging frame or “home” where the piece lives when not being worn. All are created from antique findings and are One-Of-A-Kind.

Red Hot
Three sets of antique findings. High end and elegant.
Model:  Kelly Frankenberg

Front and Back

Carpe Diem
Found objects of silver and turquoise. A nod to a different way of thinking about death.

Cactus/Boot Home Included.





Nape Drape #1 
This unique scarf necklace, Nape Drape,  is  created from silk and findings.   Works in cold or hot weather.



Collar Azul
18 ” X 12″  x 1″
Antique finding, Cyprus knee home.




Antique Gold
Turn of the century findings.  Hollow so very light.


18″x 1/2″antique findings
Shadow Box Home Included












La Mujer (The Lady) Series continues to explore my reflections on feminism and specifically on women of power in Mexico. I selected the  women I see EVERYWHERE: Frida Kalo and The Lady of Guadalupe . La Mujer Series was created to honor and consider the position of power Frida Kalo and The Lady of Guadalupe hold in Mexican culture.  In the United States we refer to the most powerful man in any cultural as “The Man”.  In an incredible gender development…I am suggesting that Mexico has “The Lady”.  I am just not sure which one is “The Lady” of  Mexico. What do you think?. Read More

I study culture and have taught human relations in a teacher licensure program for  over two decades.   I am American Indian, from the Penobscot tribe in Maine. La Mujeres Series invites YOU to reflect on feminism in all cultures.

All my works are social practice art and eco-focused- using what other people might regard as trash.




Heart on Fire










Including antique finding and a coral necklace
collected in the 1970s  on St. Croix Virgin Islands.
Box Home included.



Vida, Muerte, Amor

Inspired by my Mexican winter home, this work is a very elegant portal for the wearers and viewers to contemplate the nature of Life, Death and Love.

Includes the tails which create a second necklace cascading down the back.

Antique  Bling


Spectacular Antique findings with a back necklace that goes way, way down!









Vida , Muerte, Amor  3
12″  X 1 ”

Precious findings from Mexico.

Back to Basics
18″ x 1″
Natural finding from the world around us.
Celebrates Life.


I also create found object sculptures and wall works.  See more examples:

How to Lose a Democracy

Barbara Rogers Bridges
22” X  24” , Mixed Media

My coming of age included demonstrations against the Vietnam War in Washington D.C.

50 years later, I am still political.

Having been consistently critical of the U.S. government, I am now feeling deeply patriotic – and fearful.

There are 7 billion people on our little planet and I suggest it is a statistical improbability that any one worldview could have found the only valid truth; it is at the very least breathtakingly arrogant. Are the two camps liberal vs. conservative?

It seems more specific than that, it appears to be
Trumpers vs. Never Trumpers.

Communication appears to have stopped.

Collecting data from credible sources appears to have stopped.

When Communication stops. All is lost.
















Live a Considered Life
: The Wise Ones (No Silos) and The Un-Wise Ones (Think Alike Silo)
24” X 36” 2 works.
Mixed Media  Fabricated clay, wood, found objects

Inspired by my “Motivationals” series,  Live a Considered Life  includes two companion works of  gender neutral personages sharing how living  in a “think alike silo” creates  a colorless boring culture feeding on itself. They see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing.  Embracing the concept of “no silos” produces a  colorful evolving culture full of a positive exchange of ideas, help creating our own personal narratives and leading to positive social change.

“We tell ourselves the tragic story of our lives and then think we can justify us playing the role of the “broken hero” or the “grizzled realist” but the fact of the matter is that if this is the story we chose to tell about ourselves we are leaving out the good parts and doing a terrible disservice to ourselves and anyone who has been good to us along the way.“  Morgan Bridges

It is our choice how we create our own narratives – past, present and future. It is our choice to make each day bring a spot of joy.  Plan each day with a joy experience included. For yourself and for others.

Life is a menu.  When something you love goes off the menu, replace it with something even more soulful.

Motivationals in the Live a Considered Life series.  Mixed Media  Fabricated clay, wood, found objects.  Click to enlarge.

Higher Power Altar

Most of us know someone who wasis, or who we wish were, in RECOVERY. What does that word actually mean when connected to trauma? I chose to use the word RECOVERY because my altar series is a message of hope.

Your trauma is not terminal.
You are not broken.

You can create your own life raft of hope and resilience with practical strategies.  Click here to read more about TODAY, I’m Alright. 


Higher Power Door Knob Altars   Everyone who has ever been to a 12 step program has heard that if you do not believe in a G(g)od(s), you can choose anything for your higher power – even a door knob.  As I created these door knob altar sculptures, they became little soldiers for me, fighting against the effects of all trauma.  All altars are created to give the appearance of aged patina.