• Barbara Bridges and Scorpio (Brian Serrano)

    Concept of age, reality, consciousness raising, societal reaction to different generations. We’re more similar than we are different. Working in wood. Smoke and mirrors. Video re breaking down walls and barriers and reactions.

  • Kelly Frankenberg and Jackie (Jacqueline) Swanson

    5-6 sets of two canvases glued/stitched together. Jackie does one side Kelly the other, each in their own style, around F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) of aging, i.e., love, beauty, invisibility, time, death, etc.  Hung together in a to-be-determined configuration based on available space.

  • Rebecca David and Bronwyn Waid

    Age gap and schedule gap. Working on 30 x 30 canvas separately and together in (their) two styles. Shared conceptual layout. Reflections of reality, glitches in time/reality…can my portrait be holding her portrait?

  • Ashley Richardson and Owen Brown

    Painting and poetry collaboration. Artworks/poem. Spirit Grandmother, walking having a conversation with her younger self. Larger piece, but limited space. Possibly hang from ceiling 3’ back from window. Possible closing artist talks on/or poetry.

  • Marie and Catherine Palmer

    Memories. Each making portraits 16 x 20. Meet every Sunday. Ideas of the past of lives intersected, circular…life slowly repeats itself.

  • Cory Favre and Nina Martine Robinson

    Exploring ageism through clothing, fiber arts: How we think of ourselves; how society things we should look. Working on finding a way to do miniature encaustic pieces of clothing, with paint and embroidery. Possibly attach to wood panels to hang on a wall vs free-standing.

  • Linda and Rose Sharpe

    Linda is working with her 103-year-old Mom, Rose. Have spent 8 months painting together. Linda is an intuitive painting teacher. Playing with color, experimenting with collage. Shared a creation, “Hiding in the Midst of Chaos.”

  • Madalina Kelner and Layl McDill

    Having fun talks about personal and childhood histories; the similarities, differences; bright times, dark times. Reminiscing on the good. Collaged journal piece and fairy or Smurf houses. How to display 3D pieces. Suggestion to document with photos(?)

  • Candy Kuehn and Suzanne Simmalavong

    Two friends taking an online class on The feminine film. Writing and visuals coming out of the class. Perform writing. Two pieces 13 x36-40 tall and 14-15 x 45. Will wear her piece to opening.

  • George Roberts and Nora Poole (not present)