Donations to 699

In keeping with our commitment to Re-Cycle, Re-Purpose and Re-Create- we are trying not buy anything new. 

Donations and Volunteers we need. What is missing?
Remember that  ACW is a non profit. All donations tax deductible.


Workshop   Layl Coordinating.  Who can use? Liability Release ?   Collect list of donations. Contact Layl.
Dartboard -Layl
 drill (driver) and bits.  Easy to change the bits out on a driver
circular saw Clif
drill press  Marko
Framing supplies (level, various hooks, wire snips, wire ???)
metal ruler Margo has some framing supplies need more.
T square  Margo
Screws, nails, bolts etc  Barbara
stapler and staples Office and upholstery Margo/Layl
Markers  Barbara
pencils  Margo
picture hanging wire Owen
Hammer  Anna
rubber gloves
pencil sharpener  Barbara
Bungee cords Anna
Rags  Candy
Organizer Layl
evel  Clif
Crowbar  Clif
Lamp parts  Margo

Office Supplies
printer  Kelly
xerox paper Owen
Long and short extension cords  Anna 
Projector  Barbara
Pull Down Screen  Wini
Paper Cutter  Margo
Gel Pens  Kelly

Bathroom  Lucy Schroepfer  Coordinating. Organize donations,  design space  and get idea approved. Collect list of donations.  Elegant but over the top aesthetic.  Use member objects/art whenever possible.
Fancy Toilet Paper and Holder  Kelly
Re-cycle towelettes  Barbara
Hand sanitizer  Margo
Re-cycle and regular trash baskets?  Margo
Toilet bowl brush  Anna
Eco-Cleaning solution  Barbara
Shower Curtain  Lucy
Plunger Anna

Lounge  Barbara Coordinator
Italian Leather couch, chair and ottoman Barbara
Mahogany Coffee Table?  Barbara

6 x 6 up to 8 x 8 foot Rug (artist made)  Barbara
Coffee Table  (artist made)
Floor lamp  (artist made)
Plant stand (artist made)
Pillows for couch  (artist made)
Live plants: Margo
Art Books. Yes!!    Barbara, Layl

Kitchen   Paul Kellett Coordinator $100 and hang one of your art works. .  Organize  and get idea approved. Elegant but over the top aesthetic.  Use member objects/art whenever possible.  Collect list of donations.

We already have:  Barbara
corn pics
hot plate
large pot to cook lobsters
5 red checkered table cloths.
30 cloth napkins
25 metal insulated beverage cups
Recycled Plates, forks, spoons, etc
cork screw
10 cup coffee warmer
20 cup coffee maker
popcorn maker

Refrigerator 30” ACW and Flux Arts
Gas Stove  ACW and Flux Arts
Microwave  Margo Checks with Better Futures if no one donates
Swiffer or mop and bucket  ACW
Trash Can (s) Recycle and Regular
Electric kettle  Lucy
Coffee Mugs  OR  your OWN personal coffee cup! Barbara.  Need More!
Coffee Press:  Selfishly I cannot live without!  Lucy
Set of nice pots and pans.
Clock (artist made)  Barbara
Set of good knives that CUT! Candy has a few. Paul has a few.
Hand Can Opener  Margo
Set of 36 -silverware   Everyone bring nice cutlery.  Does not need to match 
36 Plates.  How about 36  plates- all different-all fabulous?  Maybe we all bring ONE?  Barbara, Layl
compostable trash bags  Kelly
Serving Spoons  ALL
Cutting Boards  Lucy
Coasters Lucy,  SAM G
Pot holders   (artist made) Lucy/Barbara
lime squeezer
Wooden Cooking Spoons and Utensils  Layl
small coffee maker  -cappuccino?
Paper Towels   Owen  Kelly
Cloth towels  Kelly
Nice glasses for fancy drinks  Margo  Barbara  Need More.  Everyone bring one?
16 foot fancy table cloths (artist made)
25  place mats (artist made)  Lucy
Scrubbies to wash dishes. Sandra
arty broom and dustpan? (artist made)  ACW  Someone needs to artify
Dish drying rack Sandra
Serving bowls Layl  Barbara
platters (artist made)  Layl
Mixing Bowls

Utensils:  Margo
measuring cups Margo  Kelly
Cookie pans
Big serving trays  Some industrial -some fancy.
Beautiful water pitchers (artist made) Margo- Need More
Flower vases small and large  (artist made)  Layl. Need More
Hand dyed table clothes and yardage  Candy

Meeting Space Coordinator Barbara

2 or 3  folding black tables Barbara
Comfy seat pillows  Barbara
Bubble Maker  Barbara
Side Table 3’ x 3’ Candy

25 Chairs – invite all ACW members to create an “art chair”.  ACW will “rent” the chairs for $50.  These are the chairs we will use to sit in at meetingsThe chairs can be for sale at your price and artist will earn 100% of the sale.  2 Anne Spooner, 1 Barbara, 1 Lucy, 1 Candy, 1 Frances, 1 Kelly, 1 Paul, 1 Layl, 1 Anne K, 1 Becca

Nice bookcase (s) – dark wood for ACW swag/cards/ small works for sale. Barbara has one small and one large
Vacuum Cleaner  ACW
System to play music
wooden hangers

Three step ladder  ACW
Full 88-key digital piano keyboard with pedals and bench. Amp and Mic? Kelly
Folding Card Tables Margo
Domino set  Barbara
Cribbage board  (artist made)
Vases Layl
2 boot plastic trays (IKEA 3.99) and some mats for people to wipe boots on.  Lucy

Back (Entry Way on Monroe). Rose Cooper Coordinates with Frances Bates and Rebecca David.   (s). $200 and hang one of your art works.   Organize, design and get idea approved. Elegant but over the top aesthetic.  Use member objects/art whenever possible.

Needs Paint on walls and stairs.
Stairs need treads installed.
Lots of room to hang art.
Door Bell
Keyed lock box on exterior