The Team at a Glance

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Alexis – Promotion

Could maybe make paper for this project too

  • Good translator for the land
    • Environmental activist
    • Attended the Future River Project at Macalester
    • Lives near the Mississippi River
  • Makes paper from plants


Amáda – Organizer

Very excited to be part of this, even roped Neil into it

  • Mayor of Columbia Heights
  • Community organizing
  • Girls Scouts
  • Environmentalist
    • Community Gardening


Annie – Photography

Wants it to have moving parts, kinetic or fidget factor

  • 25 years as a nurse
  • Women’s reproductive rights
  • Interested in mind/body synergy
  • Mixed media artist/sculptor
  • Uses art to heal people


Barbara – Organizer/Art Teacher

Will be providing us materials, tools, and a space to work

  • Founder and director of ACW
  • Found object artist
    • Made trash collected pieces before
  • Traveler (Many places in the US, Mexico, Scotland, and others)
    • Has works inspired by these different places


Frances – Scribe/Motivator

Has many ideas on how to make the piece interactive

  • Passionate about diversity and inclusivity
  • Found object art is one of her specialties
  • Outdoors person/expert camper
    • Enjoys spending time in the Boundary Waters
    • Lives close to the Mississippi River



Greg – Carpenter

Could maybe show some of his music to inspire our work

  • Sculptor in clay, wood, and metal
    • Ceramic series based off of exploring a pond and Minnehaha Creek
  • Musician
  • Critique Club
  • ACW Advisory Board


Katherine – Promotion

Wants to research the societal direction in which trash flows

  • Spent a year in a camper
  • Degrees in art and politics
  • Takes artsy photos of trash she has collected while camping
  • Draws inspiration from the environment for her paintings
  • Studio at Northrup King Building


Kelly – Media/Website

Possible connection to the Science Museum

  • Often paints landscapes
  • Interested in looking at:
    • Water droplets reacting to music
    • Holy Water pollution
  • Peace of Mind project idea


Margo – Photographer

Connections to places for promoting our work

  • Publisher, writer, and photographer
  • Community leadership
  • Used to run Art-A-Whirl
  • Standup comedy/improv
  • Earth Watch column in the Northeaster newspaper


Neil – Scientist

Will be helping us understand plastics better

  • Materials engineer
    • Polymeric compounds and macromolecules
    • Has worked with recycled plastic
    • 3D printing
  • Community Garden