Thank You to Mike Vennewitz

Back to 699 Lowry AVE

Hard to find words but here are our efforts to express how Mike’s support is a game changer for ACW. 

Barbara:  It’s truly remarkable and heartwarming to see such generosity and support for Art To Change the World. Mike Vennewitz’s contribution of $10,000, covering a full year’s rent, is undoubtedly a game changer for the organization. As the Founder and Director of ACW, I am feeling incredibly grateful and astonished at how far we have traveled.

Having a headquarters will undoubtedly provide a stable foundation and make my job as Director more manageable. It’s a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved in ACW that such significant milestones are being reached.  On behalf of everyone involved in ACW, I extend our deepest gratitude to Mike Vennewitz for his generous support. His contribution will leave a lasting impact on the organization and enable it to continue making a difference in the world through the power of art.

Owen: Minds and souls are free to wander at will, but bodies need a place to sit down and rest themselves.  Thank you, Mike, for giving AWC’s corporeal selves a chance to do so on your dime for a year!  Their creaky joints would thank you, too, and their heads, now that a roof is going over them.

Layl:   Mike we are so thankful for your generosity! This space will bring us together into a physical space to continue to build our innovative arts projects into the future! The arts community will continue to thrive and grow with this generous gift!

Paul: How wonderful and generous his gift is to this organization, at a time in history like no other, that is so vital to our planet and it’s inhabitants. It is thanks to his and so many caring friends that the work and scope of ACW is ever expanding!

Kelly:  Many Thanks, Mike! We are so fortunate to have people like you who care enough about the arts and what we are trying to do at ACW for artists. The need for a location for our organization is huge! This is one way we can always be building community-in a physical space! Very much appreciated!

Apollo: Thank you for your outstandingly gracious act of patronage. ACW is growing, and you’ve given it substantially more capacity to keep growing. Yours is a gift that will create waves of positivity and kindness that will travel beyond our pond in Minneapolis, all throughout the world. As a matter of fact, it’s already reached me out here in Seattle! Seeing your act of kindness, I want and intend to take after your example and see what more I can do in my own local community to help artistry reach more people, capture more hearts, and create a better world. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping art to change the world.

KaoLee:  Thank you Mike for this generous gift. You’ve given ACW an opportunity to grow even more and now be able to have a space where more artists and creatives can come together in this mission to have art change the world.

Mike- a quick thank you for your gift to ACW this year in helping us move to a space where-in we can continue to grow.

As a non-people person, I’m always surprised by how much energy, knowledge, and, inspiration I get when admittedly—I am almost dragged to participate in events by Barbara. The new space will allow us to do group events more frequently—but also spend time in smaller groups—something I am really looking forward to. ACW is posed to really take-off –something all of us involved will enjoy watching/partaking in.

I sense you are also not a person -dying to go to a group event …because I haven’t met you at the Chowdah feed—but if we can’t meet in person— I hope I can extend a virtual handshake—but also a heartfelt thank you. Your gift makes a big difference to all of us.

Frances:  Wow Mike, I really appreciate you helping ACW with our current adventure of having a place of our own. This new space will allow us to be even better at creatively supporting the community. I’m someone who loves to bring positive energy into any space and now I can add my sparkle to our office. Thank you so much!

Anna K:  Thank you Mike for such a meaningful investment in Art to Change the World. I appreciate your kindness and generosity to help the organization grow and come one step closer to the fullness we know ow we can be. Thanks again.

Herman:  Mike, thank you very much for your generosity to support the first year of rental space for ACW! It’s very much appreciated. Your

generosity exemplifies the leadership you are demonstrating to support the vital work ACW provides to the

Twin CIties creative community and beyond.

Amada:   A huge thanks to Mike for donating a year of space to our art center! We’re deeply grateful for your support and belief in our mission at ACW.

Lynnette: Your enormously generous gift has given Art To Change The World the boost it needed to achieve the next level of professionalism and stature in our organization’s growth and development. With this beautiful, light and airy space all who enter will feel delighted and have their spirits lifted.  It is so important to have cosy, welcoming spaces to gather, work together, socialize and have deep conversations, one-on-one or in small groups.

The second story ACW space feels like you are in a treehouse – an environment suited for pondering and imagining.  We can escape the chaos of the world and work together collaboratively in this space that encourages creativity, resilience, and cooperation.

I can’t wait to see how this boost energizes ACW . The use of this space will rocket ACW upward and outward with growth and  an enormous ripple affect.  Both individuals and our greater community will benefit exponentially.

Tom F:
Mike -This is a fervent thank you for your decisive commitment
to support Art to Change the World in the establishment of
an organizational office.   This looks like a terrific space.

As an admirer, member and supporter of ACW, I feel that this
is exactly what the organization needs at this time
to expand its impact on the artist community, and on the role of
art in keeping the world alive. Inspiring!