Task Force Minutes April

April 11, 2021




Task Force Meeting changed to Saturday at 4:00
because of Devin’s photo shoot.  New Zoom meeting link:  Topic: Saturday ACW TAsk Force Meeting  Time: Apr 17, 2021 04:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)      Join Zoom Meeting  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81186368985   Meeting ID: 811 8636 8985

Many of us will be at Devin’s photoshoot at Lay’s studio on SUNDAY  April 18th starting at 9:00 AM and going until 4ish.  He has 15 people registered for professional head shots!  Did you miss it? Https://photoshootwdevin.as.me/ACWMEMBERS

Outcomes for April 11th Task Force Work Meeting 

Bud Vases donated by Lynnette Black were decorated with our personal stamp.  Still a few need embellishments.  Pick up empty ones and drop of finished ones at Layl’s on April 18th.
See the collective at work and play : https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/creating-acw-community/ 
Pictures  taken by Devin, Barbara and Natalie

ADP Budget Status In the Red over $1500.  This is not a disaster because I am pleased to share that ACW has received a Creative Support Grant from the Minnesota Arts Board for $15,000.00 dollars. Layl and I, with a review from Bianca, landed this grant. Teamwork!  Don’t get too excited because most of it is committed.  I will share a projected 2021 budget with you at the Saturday Task Force meeting.

ACW Tent Rental  ACW has purchased two 10 x 10 foot tents.  After August 8, they will be available to ACW members for $50.00 a weekend.

Art-A-Whirl Opportunity.  We are thrilled to share that Solar Arts has offered ACW the “Fox Den” on the second floor of Solar Arts for an exhibition during Art A Whirl.  Lucy Schroepfer lschroepfer@sdatel.com is taking point on this project. Task force members are invited to hang 1-2 works for the three days. Contact Lucy directly if you are interested.  Thanks to Mike Schardin for thinking of ACW!

New Member Buddy initiative.
  It was agreed that we should pair new members with ACW members to help them get orientated with opportunities and expectations.  Many people come to us with the “What are you going to do for me transactional expectations.”.  It will be helpful for a ACW member to explain the “Collective Family” model we have going.  We need a sexier name for this Initiative.  Ideas?


We chose 6 musical groups for the PUPP event on August 8. Katie Palmer will be reporting on this at the April 17th meeting.

Huxley resident name tag PUPP invites for Swag Bags approved.


Mini Art works for Huxley ADP PUPP grab bag. It was decided that if a Huxley member showed up with their name tag they could choose a mini work from our grab basket.  If you could  contribute 3-5 small items… this would do it.


The 3-D printed name tags were distributed  for you to embellish.  If you need one…Barbara will have them with her on August 18th photoshoot.  Send Barbara a pic when you finish your name tag?


I have ACW PUPP Banner Signs for outside and in Hallway at Huxley and Cider Werks.

Swag Bag Coupon Status
   We will be making a last minute push for coupons and objects for the Swag Bags. Thanks to Natalie, Scorpio and Katie who have stepped up to help Lucy and Judy.

April 24… Bring your Show box (hangers, wires, nails, hammers etc)  if you are bringing works to the Huxley.  Drop them off between 9-12 on August 24. Checks provided on April 24th at the drop off at Huxley.

Cider Werks Exhibition Changes  The works must be exactly   12”  x 24”  .  You will drop off at Tres Leches and pick up at Cider Werks.  More details to follow from Alison Price.

We are rockin’, people!