“Play Time” Linda Sharpe



Media:  Collage of cut painted papers with watercolor paint and black ink, on painted heavy weight paper
Dimensions:20.5″X 20.5″X 1.75″ framed
Price:  $650
Contact:  Linda Sharpe    Lsharpe9@comcast.net
LindaSharpe.net.  Lsharpe9@comcast.net
Artist Statement:
I started doing collage at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown. I needed a complete change from painting. Making and cutting up my colorful doodles and old paintings, creating dimension in formerly flat art and pasting creatures, circles and stars on top of each other, made me very happy.
My intention was to create without needing to have meaning or purpose-purely whimsically-to play with color and form. Until then, I had been a painter for twenty years, but I had never felt this degree of excitement, fun and freedom doing art.


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