“Do No Harm” Barbara Bridges



DO NO HARM  Barbara Bridges

Mixed Media: metal gears, rhinestone/Led Lights, nails, magnets
7″ X 7″ X 9″
Interactive  Desk Pencil Holder

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DO NO HARM, as sci-fi fans all know, was the Prime Directive created by Gene Roddenberry for his Star Trek series.
I raised my children watching Star Trek Generations starring the fabulous Patrick Stewart. It’s basic premise was showing us week after week that “other” did not need to be terrifying.

DO NO HARM is a special commission, a housewarming gift sent to Morgan Bridges from Jane Leopold.  Morgan works from home as a computer programmer and has gigged his new office out in sci-fi theme.  “Think Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica , sleek and simple”, he directed.

DO NO HARM includes a special citation from the Star Trek series, faux LED lights, it spins and the magnets are removable with  additional magnets to play with while doing that deep thinking.   Morgan is working on the smart house technology which let’s you say to the air, “Play Leonard Cohen”  or turn your heat down from Europe.

Hope the magnet activity helps the dreaming up the never before seen ;/0

This is the kind of community project I was hoping for!  Ask an artist to make you something special.

Contact Barbara for a special commission. drb@bridgescreate.com
See More of Barbara’s Work: https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/barbara-bridges

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