Ape’s Potion House, Layl McDill



Ape’s Potion House



Polymer Clay, Found objects, glitter, Apoxy Sculpt

Artist Statement:  I get asked a lot if I get ideas from my dreams and the answer is a definite yes.  This piece is a perfect example.  I have a lot of dreams about fantasy houses – this one had an interesting cave like basement and lots of stairs.  Stairs are a common theme in my dreams and seem to always be equated with some sort of struggle to get somewhere.  I love to watch how people react to this piece.  I think it appeals to the love of doll houses that many of us experienced as a child.  I added creatures that hang from the bottom in a way that invites the viewer to play with them and take them around the bottom part of the house.

(I have this piece priced at half price in hopes of finding a good home!)

Inquiries or to purchase–layl@claysquared.com


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