Sept 21, 2022 Task Force Minutes

ACW Task Force Meeting




  • Barbara
  • Kelly
  • Katie
  • Madalina
  • Alkemy
  • Frances
  • Lucy
  • Layl
  • Deb
  • Briauna
  • Collin


MWMO Water Project   Barbara

Frances is willing to help haul things off if given a ride


Next Noble Truths Studio Visit Mary S. Meuwissen   October 10, 2022


Age of Age Report  Kelly

How to Put on an Event/Exhibition  Kelly

Who Do We Serve: Chart created by Kelly and Deb

Lyft program for ACW.  Frances will look into getting Lyft promo codes for ACW


Critique Club – you can still join


Maker Space Projects  Barbara


On Location: Deb/ Katie


Proposal Pitches?


Food Shelf Project.  Vicki/Rebecca/ Deb


Fox Den  Dates and Info:  Fox Den sub-committee Created ; Frances, Kelly, Apollo, Susan, Katie, and Lucy

Talking about:  Get more events/happenings there



TikTok (Rose and Frances)

  • Barbara, please send us the login information
  • We are paying attention to what is being posted
    • Staying professional
    • Don’t want to get monetized/have a video taken down


YMCA is looking for food and clothing donations  Hoodies, fuzzy boots, winter hats, Diapers size 2,3 and 4.


Lucy is offering for someone to use her studio on October 8th to show their own work.


On Location for next month will be on October 22nd at the Stone Arch Bridge


Next meeting October 17th


Glitter Renaissance Group working on Arts Impact Grant.    Review by Oct 1 and then Barbara will review and provide suggestions.



  • Use the language they use in their instructions
  • Put what you are going to say in a Word Doc first then transfer it to their program
  • Answer the question they are asking