Promotion Plan

Promotion Plan

Contact info for Press and Event Submission:

ACW Promotions  Tasks

Social Media
* Building up our social media presence by training our members to interact with ACW’s posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  This includes sharing, liking, commenting and using hashtags and tags.
* Our team will post the events on 15 plus local calendar listings.
* Posting the events on Facebook and use paid promotions posts to get these posts seen outside of our circle.
* Hiring a student intern to work on social media posts and other new media out reach.
* Sending out emails as we get closer to the event and eventually build up a regular e-newsletter schedule.
* Creating copy for ALL ACW community and Squirrel Haus websites.
* Invitation to be sent to ALL email lists of ALL ACW Community Members and Authentic Voice participants
* Creating videos-short, provocative statements from artists and authentic voices to post on our FB.
* Creating short provocative teaser quotes  from artists and authentic voices to post on our FB

Print/Radio/TV Media and Advertising
*  In mid summer we will write a press release and send it to local media.
* Sending  press releases to Star Trib and Pioneer Press.
* Seeking a KFAI interview
* Writing Articles with photos ready to publish sent to small papers in the metro-area.
* Wearables or PENS for sale with See. Say DO- Art to Change the printed on them.

Targeted Outreach
* Creating a Mail Chimp account and build up our email list by inviting Facebook followers, contacts, participants and audience members to subscribe.
* Working to engage the local high schools by meeting with their student groups and presenting.
* Inviting a local artist that is outside of our group to submit our exhibit to “Art Hounds” on Minnesota Public Radio.
*Working to partner with many community and treatment centers serving our youth.
* ALL ACW Community Members and Authentic Voice participants receive 10 invitations to distribute.  Bearer receives a special SSD-ACW event memory object.

Sponsorship and Special Events
* Planning an invitational VIP pre-opening  event to raise awareness and work on funding.
* Reaching out to prominent people who are industry experts and have a following on their blog (these are called influencers). Invite these people to our event.
* Running free ticket promotions on our ACW FB.
* Running free small artwork promotions on our ACW FB.
* Seeking corporate sponsorships. Offer ALL EVENT ticket packages discounted to corporations
* Using existing events. Each member receives 20 event cards to distribute leading up to the SSD-ACW event.