HL?HD? Outcomes




Be The Light Action Responses.  Thanks to Layl McDill for creating the artworks which the visitors received for sharing their responses.


Holiday Light? Holiday Dark? enjoyed 450 visitors! We earned over 100 action pledges, seven new members, two new non-profit partners and two new ACW Board members. When I apply for grant money,  they ask, with some justification,  “How do you know that your art is “changing” anything? People come and drink your wine and eat your cheese, but how do you know you are moving them to action?  Check the responses:  https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/preparing-for-the-event/

I executed a quick analysis on the action responses for emerging trends. Outcomes:
Political: 13
Listen to/care for/be kind to/patient with others 29
Volunteer my hours and services 13
Environmental 10
Use art to spark social discourse 20
Challenge Disinformation/speak up 6
Religious 5
Smile more 5
Stay sober 1
Take personal inventory 3
Dream Big/Learn new skills to serve 13

Thank you to the following ACW members who illustrated that we are a true collective: Ann Meany (sales chair) , Suyao Tian ( Curator)  Kristi Hemmer (Bartender) Anya Achtenberg (writing workshop) Linda Lade (storyboard) Clifford Nessith, Malcolm Potek and Tim (muscle) and Greeters:  Jill Stebbins, Abbey Facer, Margo Ashmore, Anne Kleinhenz, Dana, Jean Schueneman, Andrew Braunberger, Wen Wen Manfred, Jean Schueneman

Check out the Holiday stories on the same link.  Some of them were truly heartbreaking.



Humor, Heartbreak, Happiness Stories

Thanks to Linda Lade for creating the opportunity for people to share their holiday stories.

Judy O with her Maine Seafood Chowdah
Note the oyster crackers and pickle
Judy O with blueberry gingerbread
Ann Meany
Abbey with ACW Board member MArgo
Abbey tending the heartbeat
150 Action Promises for Layl’s Be the Light Candles
Barbara and Abbey
Action Promises
BArbara with Bette and Clif
Action Promises
Action Promises
The fabulous Candy in her studio
Candy’s Hat
Frank Stone’s lamp
Candy’s hat
Candy’s hat
jean with the vino
The hat
Judy Onofrio’s 6 foot “Crown”
Young mitten customer
Lay’s amazing polymer clay work
Linda and wen Wen
Linda de-installing heartbreak, Humor and Happiness
Pony plays!
Potek light
Suyao’s sub-zero mittens
Wen wen’s work

Andrew and Linda
Andrew helping with the set up
Ann and colleague
Ann with her work
Anya on right
Layl’s votive candle for the action pledge
Craig and Ginny
ACW Board member Kristi and partner Michael
Nikki and Barbara
Anya giving a salsa lesson



Suyao’s Mittens- with glove inside- sub, sub zero.
The Store!
Margo paints a sculpture stand for Candy
Malcolm shows his inner handyman and installs our movable gallery wall.
Sneak peek for Judy O

Dropping off the work
Suyao, Barbara, Jill, LAyl
Tim with Suyao’s work
Judy O’s work arrives
Mike and Wen Wen with son