Precious Exhibition Survey Outcomes

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Precious  Survey Outcomes. Hit Count.

Favorite Topic 
Bri’s jacket and “Fearless” Bri/s participation 3
Clay Dragon Fly 2
Mille Fiore /Layl 7
Jewelry Class with Barbara
Bison 6
Everything 2
Lucy Quilts 9
Cross Generational
Necklaces, Higher Power Door Knobs -Barbara 7
Recycled art supplies 3
the art-swoops

Like the Most
Inspired me to work with fabric’s at home 2
Variety and energy in the room
Amazing Teachers 4
Variety of art techniques and POVs  6
Art made me think 3
Well crafted 3
Free classes 3
The Happening -More than an exhibition, food, music!  6
Flowers and Julia
Meeting and Talking with Interesting People/artists 3
Discovered ACW 2
Vibe was amazing. people energy 4
The models
Accessible – descriptions
All fine art

Promo,  I heard  through word of mouth 3
Start Opening Event  later 2
More options for threads?
Keep being awesome
Hard to find artists
Nothing! 15
More artists 3
More music
more pens
music too loud
more fabric