Oct 24, 2021 ACW Task Force Minutes

Oct 24, 2021 ACW Task Force Minutes

Task Force Minutes always available here: https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/2021-task-force-meeting-minutes/

Read * Mission of ACW The Mission: Art to Change the World (ACW) is a diverse non-profit coalition of change makers employing the arts in service of positive social change. 

Attendees: Layl McDill, Susan Gainen, Natalie McGuire, Candy Kuehn, Natalia Granquist, Greg Volker, Becky David, Lucienne Schroepfer, Beverly Hammond, Nina Robinson, Deb Ripp, Bianca Dawkins, Bea Crow


  • Frame Your Rights: Ari, Rebecca David & Natalie are gathering information, training artists on the square. Time at Fox Den: Nina (4 days); Natalie ( 4 days), Corey (1 day). Remember to ask buyers if they would like to donate.
  • Gritique Greg Volker created a document which introduces & explains the Gritique concept. To be determined: how to decide at what level the artists with be reviewed.
    • Gritique Branding: Will need to define the structure and the pay goals.
    • Gritique locations: in the artists’ studios, Fox Den, at shows. Greg is looking for suggestions on all of these topics.
      ACTION: Need a logo.  Who will create?
  • Coaching Project –Beverly Hammond from Team Re-Imagineers
    is going to create space for healing for the five senses and she is looking for a room.
  • Bianca Dawkins I.C.O.N report (Transforming Generations) is a domestic violence project.
  • TF approved Own Brown’s Noble Truths Studio Visits Initiative
  • Need Volunteer Hours 2021 – including meetings- for Grant Requests  2021 Susan 30. and Nina  20, Layl 500, Barbara 1440,
  • On Location Drawing Co-op and Calendar project report. Saturday October 30 at Lakewood Cemetery. Deb is compiling art for an “on location memorial/celebratory calendar.
    Deb and Katie are creating Copy to  start an On Location page.
  • * Social Media Report: Rebecca   When you get the email on Friday, make haste to like and comment on all our platforms.


  • * SWAP report: Barbara for Natalia  – ADOPT and then submit your art.
    New Artists: Sam Greene, , Linda G Sharpe,  Susan Gainen , Natalie McGuire,  Deb Ripp, Rebecca David, Lucienne Schroepfer
  • * Send Barbara ONE 5-10 second video on how art changes the world.

    *Fox Den /December Exhibition – Natalie – All on track
    * Applications open for Fox Den shows in December 2 and . and 10/11 December Annual Art Show (12/10-11) ALL Active ACW members
    Space reserved for all ACW members with small holiday gifts available for under $50-100 and one statement piece per person. Active Members will be able to submit 10 Items for each 2 hours volunteered at event. First 15 people are in.

  • * Looking for someone to take over You Tube Channel. Stipend available.

    Next Meeting  November 21  4 pm