Fox Den Application

General notes for Application for use of Fox Den c/o ACW

We’re excited to have the Fox Den on the second floor of the Solar Arts Building to use for ACW solo or small group exhibitions for special events at the building this coming year. Applications will be evaluated by a team of 5 jurors. Applications are welcomed, and artists notified on a continual basis throughout the year. ACW will actively promote the use exhibition for the public scheduled event. In addition, should the artist choose, ACW will support and promote a special private showing in the space over the weekend lasting up to four hours.


  • All artists wanting to apply for space must be active ACW members. Applications from non-members will not be considered.
  • Exhibitions must have an activist/ social justice theme.
  • Artists can only use space within Fox Den and understands that both doors need to remain unblocked.
  • Set-up and Tear down dates and times are set (as described below) In general- artists can set-up for their date on either the Tuesday Evening or Wednesday Morning prior. Tear down is the following Sunday before 5 or the following Tuesday/ Wed. Set-up and Tear Down times are decided upon acceptance and cannot be changed.
  • Artists are responsible for all set-up and tear-down—including carrying works up to space and the the materials needed for hanging works and the woman/man power needed. Clean-up including sweeping the floor and removing all screws is required. (There is access to loading dock if nesc. And with advance notice)
  • Artists are responsible for point-of-sale details—including the required sales-tax for all sales in Mpls.
  • ACW asks all artists to donate one work of at least $50 in value to be used for fundraising purposes.
  • Artists must be present for exhibition.
  • Though attention has been made to accommodate wedding and reception schedule at solar, no events can be scheduled when a wedding is taking place or being set-up.
  • Artists will be required to show MN Tax ID for sales purposes.
  • Artists will be required to sign a contract reviewing the requirements above as well as a hold harmless agreement (Solar and ACW)
  • Artists will be paid a $50.00 Stipend to help promote and install the event.


Note: If unfamiliar with the Fox Den, Space includes 4 generous wall spaces to use for the hanging of larger works. In addition two wall shelves and a Thin Display Table are available for smaller works. Please contact us ahead of application should you want to see the space in person. Tours of space need one week of advance notice to arrange. They are generally limited to evenings 7-9 M-W, Wednesday morning, or over weekend.

Description of Proposed Exhibition- including the theme and the works to be included. Please make sure to describe your style/ medium as well as attaching three photos of sample works to be included in the exhibition for promotion.


First Thursdays



Application     Paste into your preferred document to edit. 

(Complete Form plus three JPG photos,  include size, media and art work social justice statement.  These  should be emailed to Lucy at
Need help with your statement?  email

Please send high resolution image  JPEGs, not exceeding 10MB. Title JPEGs as follows:

If you have questions about the application contact  Lucienne Schroepfer


Name_________________________________ Date ______________

Address           _________________________________________________



Phone(1) _____________________   Phone(2) ___________________

Pay Pal email or associated phone number__________________________________________

Email  _________________________________________________

Website and other social media___________________________________________________________

I am an ACTIVE member of ACW (membership current-if you do not know-post ) and I have, or are willing to contribute, time, treasure or talent to the ACW Collective. Please list the number of hours  you donated to ACW in the last six months. Describe what you did.


Name the date/event that you are applying for:


Social Justice Topic:  __________________________________

Art Work Statement example:


By Signing below, I acknowledge that the information contained within accurately represents the proposal being submitted. I have read, and understand, the requirements for all artists applying to use the space.


Signature ____________________________ Date ________________


Office Use

_____ Date of ACW Membership.  _____ Initials _____ Date Rcd

_____ Jury Date ______ Final Status _______ Notification Date