November 10, 2018 Director’s Report

                                                    November 10, 2018 Director’s Report
                                                 Respectfully submitted by Barbara Bridges

See. Say. DO earned over 700 attendees,  raised over $25,000, collected extensive “moved to action” data from attendees, started three action conversation circles going forward, earned over 29 new members (bringing ACW to 134 members) and strengthened our community of support.

We paid artists to be an exhibition. Historic!!!

Last Status Report goes out next week.

Monthly Newsletter  Communication going forward will be through our Monthly Newsletter which will be emailed on the first of each month. Please send newsletter copy to by the 25th of the month to Layl McDill . Interested in working on the Newsletter?  Contact Layl.

Wheel Chair Giveaway from the Helgeson family was awarded to ACW member Kristi Michaels for her dad- Michael Mudgett.  Thanks Mike, Erik and Karel Helgeson! Thank You Letter from Michaels :

ACW T-Shirt winner was Anya Achtenberg .

Donations and In-kind contributions.  You should have received your tax letter. If no, please send me a description and I will write you a tax letter.

Partnership Projects

Discussion Groups are moving forward with the Barbara Bridges Recovery Workshop, the Historical Trauma group with Sarah Edstrom, Bob Trench, South High School and Anton Treuer and South High School.

In discussions with Veronica Quillen to partner with her non-profit to support a cultural immersion project in Cameroon. Opportunities for ACW members and YAB youth members.

In discussions with Shira Richter about PTSD/Mother project in Israel.

We are discussing a project which would work towards the goal of funding more screenings of Dodging Bullets with the purpose of starting more discussion groups.  The youth leaders at South are very excited about joining ACW and starting this project.  We may have a meeting scheduled with Peggy Flannagan for support. Anton has agreed to continue his involvement. I may be writing a study guide for the Dodging film – gratis.

Please send me your outcomes from the SSD event.

Financials Thank you to the following for waiving their stipends:
Topic Experts: Marya Hornbacker,   David Swarthout   Erik Helgeson , Brecia Kralovic-Logan, Officer Adam Chard     Artists: Barbara Bridges, Layl McDill, Barb Kobe, Rebecca Ratzlaff

Checks. Most of the checks have been sent out.  I am still waiting for our Give MN $$.  $595.00 and our Humanities Grant $3700.  Read the Final Report, Testimonials, Actuals and ACW Balance Sheet attached.

We have opened another Chowdah feed date for Dec 8, 2018.  Find us a few more $500 level new members.

I just received a bill from Jazz88 for $500. This is not on my ACW balance sheet but I believe Jim Randall is going to help with that bill.  If no, that will put us about $1,100 upside down.

Our next Face-to-Face social meeting will be on December 6, 2018 from 6-9 at the studio of ACW members Erik Helgeson and Ana Musachio.  720 Central Ave, Unit 1. Down the stairs on the right after the vending machine.  Read more about Ana and Erik’s work: and  Please bring a fabulous snack to share and BYOB. Specific details to follow in the Dec 1 Newsletter.

New  ACW Board Member Nominations:  Margo Ashmore, Liza Ferrari, Sally Gibson, Layl McDill.

Joan Vaughn has resigned from the Board of Directors for Art to Change the World. We thank her for her service and welcome Interim Chair, Pat Rogers.

Grace Bianchi needs to focus on preparing for her nursing school entrance tests and has resigned.  She hopes to join us again when her career preparation is completed. We thank her for her service as board member and secretary.