Wheelchair Giveaway


My father Michael Mudgett, is the grateful recipient of the ‘Jazzy Scooter’ that was donated graciously by Erik, Mike and Karel Helgeson, in support of the “Art to Change the World’s event, ‘See. Say. Do’!!”

My father is now enjoying being independent. Not needing to wait for someone to push his wheelchair. He is Delighted and is showing a renewed acceptance of living his days at the facility he has been at these last 3 years.

As an artist, it was easy for him to get caught up in his work and shut out the world. Now he is enjoying the entire campus of his Residence, becoming a Social Butterfly! He has the freedom to go outside into the Memorial Gardens that he loves.

This gift has provided a much needed mobility to a bright, intelligent 85 years old Gentleman.

I know this Picture will express his feelings more than all my words.

We have many thanks for this gift.

Yes, kindness can be life changing!

Again, Thank You!

Sincerely,     The Michael Mudgett Family