Monthly Project Report Form

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Monthly Report Project Manager

Name ____________________________  Date ____________

Advisor Name                                   email

Project Name        Target Audience            Social Justice Topic(s)  


Venue?                                  Secured?      Need Contract and Need Insurance.

Entire Budget  Total ________________________

Budget Line items


Budget Secured and Source   OR   Ideas for Securing  Budget Balance?

I have ______________ of receipts this month.  Attached.

Target Date for Performance/Event.

Assess Your Progress.   How has the project changed and developed?” (because we know it will).  “What changes were predictable or expected? And what changes were unexpected?” What do you still need? What Resources are you still looking for?

I would like____________________to please give me a call?

Please send your report to Barbara.  Please feel invited to reach out to  Barbara Bridges Put your name in the subject line.  PLEASE TAKE MANY PICTURES AND SEND THEM TO BARBARA!