Minutes Task Force Meeting April 10 ,2022

Minutes Task Force Meeting April 10.

Present:  Layl McDill, Deb Ripp, Barbara Bridges, Greg Volker, Rebecca Rebecca Froehlich, Vicki Olson, Kelly Frankenberg, Rebecca David, Lucy Schroepfer, Katie Palmer, Natalie McGuire


Layl – Age of Age update. All artists have been chosen. $6,000 project seeking funding. $200 for each artist participating



Vicki has a new project idea: Art supplies at food shelves & soup kitchens

  • Vicki is identifying a pilot for a test run. ACW is funding the first pilot.
  • Action Item: Vicki is seeking funding and will keep us updated. If you’re interested in donating supplies, please reach out to her.



Mojo Fundraiser for ACW happening June 25th.

  • They initiated. 5 bands in parking lot of California building.
  • Action Item: Layl is the point person. If you have any questions, please ask her.

Upcoming Campaigns:

  • Action Item: Let’s brainstorm how can we encourage newsletter subscribers to become members of ACW through an incentive? What incentive?
  • We have 14 $500 Art District Palette donors; we are encouraging them to re-up with another $500 to support the Marko/Mojo Fundraiser on June 25 + and they’ll be able to attend the chowder feed.
  • Action Item: Decide whether you would want to donate your art as an incentive for donors over a certain $$ threshold. Natalie and Kelly have both offered their pieces.


Upcoming event: Dyan Padgett – Northrop King Building, April 20th, 6 PM.


We’ve been invited to submit applications to Parks and Recreations to teach and perform.

  • Action Item: Contact Erica Chua if interested.


Liquor license


Report items.

  • MAB (Minnesota Arts Board) Creative Support Grant – Requesting $30,000 total (infrastructure money).
  • On Location Drawing: join folks at St. Anthony Park Library this coming weekend. In May, this will now be happening on the 28th to accommodate people doing art shows. Fundraiser for ACW will be held on September 15th.
  • Plans are almost finalized for Fox Den Art a Whirl. Orientation is May 6.


ACW Social Media

  • Action Item: Art to Change the World YouTube channel – please submit videos and express your interest to be in a video to Rebecca! You’ll earn $50 for taking part. rebecca.a.froehlich@gmail.com


SWAP Palette

  • Action Item: We need more people to add unsold work; please reach out to Kelly if interested   Kelly F kellyfrankenberg@gmail.com


Coaching Project



4:00 PM Start.