Mill City Project Notes

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Edited May 5, 2024

Update on Mill City Project. Dates and Times.  Mark your calendars!!

Important Dates:
Site Visit April 11
(Kelly, Owen, Frances, Barbara) 2:00.  On the river side of Mill City.

May 1   Submit signage text to Barbara

Site Visit May 2    2 PM (Briauna, Frances, Sadie, Barbara) and others who can come?   On the river side of Mill City.

May 7. Draft 2 of 11 x 17 signage due.

May 22  2 PM  Status Check on Zoom   Kelly, Owen, Sadie, Barbara, Frances, Bri/    Kelly at Plein Air Convention

June 11  Time? Mississippi River Pearl ($100 each for Pearl Duty)  Frances will  be point for taking Pearl from Columbia Heights Library  Mill City Museum.

Installation June 13  Between 9 and 3.    Yes  Kelly, Owen, Sadie, Barbara, Frances, Bri

 De-Installation last week in August. DTBA

Owen gone April 15 to June 5

Each of us will have a weatherproof  sign to help the viewer interact with your work.  To make things easy, let’s all have our  project specific signage be 11 X 17 inches.  We will put an ACW logo on the top.  To be included:  Artist Names, Title of Work, An Artwork Statement – which should lead into a directive on how the viewer can  interact with your work.  Think about adding an incentive to participate.   I will make a 2 x 3 foot sign to describe the project.

Please add a short bio of you with a way for the viewer to contact you at the bottom of the copy.  You could add a picture if you would like. The purpose of the signage is draw the walkers into your work.  We will be hosting the Trivia Game to win a $500 work from one of us. Give them some factoids to find in your work and then generate a trivia question(s) to send to me.

NOTE:  Please send me 2 works to choose  from to be that $500 piece. (You will be paid by ACW for this work).  We will all blind vote (you can vote for two 1. Yourself and if it can’t be you-one other LOL)  and ask Mill City to join us in selecting the work.

This signage will all be printed on 1/8 inch PVC sheets.   Please use Arial font 128 points for Headers and  36 point for copy.  Research reveals people will tolerate up to 30 seconds of reading if there is incentive (our $500 treasure hunt). Do we need to reduce the font size?

Clarify: This signage is what you want the viewer to read so they know how to interact with your installation.
Your Names
Artwork statement and directive on how you want them to interact with your work.
Bio of you with Contact.

You need to design your copy using  300 DPI  in Illustrator or In Design.  Need help?  Frances may be  available for a fee.

We will work in Shifts over Stone Arch – June 15 and June 16.  At least 3 artists should be there at all times. You need to volunteer for at least 8 hours.  See schedule below.

Schedule Stone Arch

June 15   10- 2    Owen, Kelly, Bri
June 15   2-7  Kelly,  Bri , Sadie
June 16   10-1  Owen, Sadie, Frances
June 16 1-5  Kelly, Barbara, Frances

June 11 Move Pearl to Mill City
June 15   10- 2  Barbara and Amada
June 15   2-7 Frances
June 16   10-1  Katie
June 16 1-5  Sadie