May 8 , 2020 Board Meeting Minutes and Agenda

Art To Change the World Inc Board Meeting Minutes

Date            May 8, 2020                                                                 Time meeting is called to order  6:00 PM

In Attendance:
Barbara  Bridges  Director
Pat Rogers
Craig Harris
Margo Ashmore
Liza Ferrari
Layl McDill
Sally Gibson
Mohammed Bulhan
Wenwen Liao Manfred
David O’Fallon
Herman Milligan

Kristi Hemmer  absent.

Approval of minutes.     Moved             Craig Harris                         Seconded         Liza Ferrari                                   Vote Unanimous

Reports and Discussions:
* Krisiti Hemmer asked to be moved to the advisory board.  The ACW Board of directors gratefully accepts her service and approved her request.  The Board will search for a replacement keeping in mind the current needs of the board.

* Barbara reported that ACW has been actively involved with small feel good projects and looking to spread small stipends throughout the ACW community. Created a You Tube channel, Covid Chronicles, mask making project and  art contests with prizes,  database for Isolation Diversions, supporting our our vendors and much more:

*Herman suggested we go back to our past projects and see what they need now.

* Herman mentioned his partnership event with the Walker on May 21.  He needs to send promo info to Barbara.

*  All Board members need to think about a person who may be interested in taking minutes for meetings.

* The Treasurer report was accepted.   ACW currently has over $3,600.00.

*Craig Harris reported on the Ambassador program.  He agreed to take two hours and investigate what opportunities may exist in our current digital world. He reported that  ACW would need around $2,000 to host this program and that $400.00 of that would be for the project manager. The purpose of the Ambassador program would be to  1. Help ACW  meet its stated mission  2. Extend its reach- global impact.

* The 4 R’s program Rethinking, Reusing, Refurbishing, and Recycling- Barbara Bridges has been put on indefinite hold because of the Corona Virus.

*Coaching Project -Layl McDill. There was some discussion regarding modifying but has been put on indefinite hold because of the Corona Virus. David and Layl will talk about  David’s willingness to meet with candidates in a mentor role.

* ProVocation  Margo Ashmore with Barbara Bridges.  The event which was to focus on “Cultural Appropriation” has been put on hold.

Thanks for Support:
Thanks go out to ACW Sally Gibson ($2500) and Pat Rogers ($600) for major support and to  Layl McDill for re-upping her membership ($100) for 2020.  I am contacting other ACW members  for re-upping in my daily communications. Consider this my request and thanks to you.

Motions  and Seconds

Herman suggested  ACW join the Minnesota Citizens for the Arts  at a $25 level (which he will contribute) as a good will gesture.  Barbara motioned and Margo seconded.

Action Items:    What, Who, Target Date

* Craig and Barbara (?) expressed interest in gathering one minute videos from people answering the question” How has art changed YOUR world”.  $25 stipend?  May

* Networks of Hope and Action – David O’Fallon
These was a wide ranging conversation discussing the points brought to the Board’s attention by David.  Review here: Craig, Barbara, Layl, Wen Wen and Herman expressed interest in meeting to discuss the idea that ACW might serve a role as convenor to discuss these issues.  Barbara will convene this Board group on a Zoom. May



Meeting adjourned:        8:00                              Next Meeting and Time  September 4, 200 6:00 PM


Board Meeting
Art To Change The World Inc.

Board Meeting  6:00 PM– 8:00  PM
Zoom Topic: ACW Board Meeting
Time: May 8, 2020 06:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 847 7350 8706    Password: 607067
Mission: Art to Change the World (ACW)  is a diverse non-profit coalition of change makers employing the arts in service of positive social change.

Please pre-review Dec 14, 2019 Minutes:

6:00 Welcome and Read the Mission Statement.
6:15 Review Board Terms/ Discuss Conflict of Interest/Ethics/Code of Conduct/New Board Members/Retiring Members
  Vote on Board Secretary, Treasurer and Chair
6:30 Treasurer’s Report
6:40 Director’s Report
7:00 Project Reports
Ambassador Project -Craig Harris
The 4 R’s: Rethinking, Reusing, Refurbishing, and Recycling- Barbara Bridges
Coaching Project -Layl McDill
Networks of Hope and Action – David O’Fallon
ProVocation  Margo Ashmore with Barbara Bridges
7:30 New discussion on short and long term goals for ACW
8:00 End Meeting. Set date for next meeting in August 2020