Maker Space Artist Bios 2024

Artist: Lynnette K. Black

“Lynnette K. Black is a retired global medical device marketing manager, multi-media artist and curator residing in St Paul, Minnesota.  Lynnette is primarily an intaglio printmaker who studied under Mauricio and Leo Lasansky, who are globally renowned for intaglio printmaking.  Currently she is a cooperative member of Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Minneapolis and actively exhibits locally and nationally.

Lynnette’s prints were awarded Honorable Mention (2023), Second Place (2022), and First Place (2020) in Printmaking at the MN State Fair.  In 2019 her prints were awarded First Place at Arts North International Exhibition, Hopkins Center for the Arts, MN, Honorable Mention at Mattie Kelly Arts Center, FL, and Best In Show, Artistry, Bloomington Center for the Arts.

Her print  “Wood Nymph” was selected by Juror C. A. Mann, curator for Prints and Drawings, Smithsonian American Art Museum, for display in Stand Out Prints, a Biannual International Juried Exhibition at Highpoint Center for Printmaking in 2018.

A long-term member of National Women’s Caucus for Art, Lynnette is currently a member of Art To Change The World, and a curator for the Conn Gallery, Plymouth Congregational Church, Minneapolis.



Instagram: blacklynnette

Facebook: Lynnette Black”


Artist: Lori Blanchard


Born in the artistic tapestry of Mount Clemens, Michigan, I, at 63, proudly juggle my roles as a parent to three and grandparent to five. My artistic journey has been a kaleidoscope, finding solace in painting and exploring various art forms. A mere 10 months ago, the enchantment of pour painting captivated me during craft episodes on YouTube. What began as curiosity has blossomed into a year-long passion, offering self-soothing and therapeutic moments. With unwavering support from the Emma Norton Residence staff, I’ve embraced this artistic voyage, acquiring supplies that enhance my skills. Amidst fellow residents’ encouragement, my commitment to pour painting has become a canvas of joy and love.

Artist: Madeline (Lin) Boemer

“Madeline Boemer, affectionately known as Lin, is a self-taught acrylic painter with a penchant for both traditional canvas and digital mediums. Their artistic journey delves into the captivating realm of animals, exploring their often overlooked expressive qualities. Immersed in the world of academia, Lin finds solace in their art, offering a momentary reprieve from the rigors of university life. Their beloved Tabby cat, Charles, serves as a constant muse, inspiring much of their feline-themed creations.

Hailing from Golden Valley, Minnesota, Lin is inherently drawn to the sciences, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Beyond the classroom, they actively engage in various organizations on campus, including acting as the President for both the Dungeons and Dragons Club and the Pharmacology Club.

The fusion of their scientific pursuits and artistic endeavors provides a harmonious balance, stimulating both the analytical left brain and the imaginative right brain. Lin aspires to contribute meaningfully to the world through their dual passions: advancing knowledge in neuropharmacology through research and fostering connection through their animal-centric artwork.




Artist: Dr. Barbara Bridges

Barbara Rogers Bridges has been an artist and a teacher/college professor for over 40 years. Her social practice sculptures have been exhibited in Maine, Miami, the Virgin Islands, Maryland, Chicago, Mexico, Spain, Canada, and throughout Minnesota. Bridges taught K-12 art in Minnesota, Maine and the Virgin Islands and trained teachers in higher education at the University of Minnesota and Bemidji State University.

Barbara creates social practice art from fabricated components in a variety of media and rescued “power objects.” She manipulates the objects to create meaning and provoke discussions and reflection on a wide variety of social topics.

She is an intervenor. Cambridge educated philosopher, Tim Ingold, holds a unique theory on art making. Dr. Ingold suggests that artists are simply interveners on any particular materials and/or objects the artist manipulates.  Any object already has a story, the artist simply recombines these objects to create a new narrative.

Barbara received the Vision Award from the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District in 2023.

Barbara is founder and director of Art to Change the World.    Read More

Please contact Barbara if you would like to buy any of her art –

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Artist: Sam Connaire

Sam Connaire is an artist who has lived in the Twin Cities their whole life. Art has saved their life many
times; they use it as a coping mechanism, whether it’s through tattoos, painting, collage, or any creative
medium. They use art as a channel for turning rough times into something beautiful. Their art is a direct
reflection of who they are and where they’ve been.



Artist: Kat Corrigan


“Through Kat Corrigan’s paintings, viewers are invited to enter a universe that is sharp and alive with color, vibrates with movement, lights the imagination, and offers sanctuary from daily human complication.


“Painting is an act of meditation and joy for me.  It is the negative space around familiar forms that intrigues me- how to properly depict that curve of kinked tail, the twist in an ear, the slant of sunlight on fallen snow.  I thrill to take a common subject such as a dog and elevate it to an abstraction of color and light. My work is translating the focus of a soul into brushstrokes, attempting to depict in pigment what is written in an eye,” explains Corrigan.


Award-winning Minneapolis-based artist Kat Corrigan’s formal art training began at a young age through the direction of her mother, an art teacher and exhibiting artist. Corrigan graduated from the College of St. Benedict with a BA in Art, including a semester of independent study in Ireland painting watercolors. She is active in the Minnesota Artists Association (MAA), Open Air Painters of Minnesota (OPM), and journeys to the Art Colony in Grand Marais annually in the spring to seek inspiration from the great lake. Corrigan exhibits her paintings throughout  the metro area and actively seeks gallery representation and private commissions. Her work has won awards and recognition in juried shows throughout the United States and  has been widely collected both in the US and in England, Australia, Japan, Wales, Lebanon, Costa Rica and Switzerland. Corrigan teaches painting lessons from her South Minneapolis studio.”


Artist: Kelly Frankenberg


“Kelly has jumped into every kind of art she can find whether it’s music, film, fashion, painting, sculpture, glass, woodworking, or performance. Kelly’s travels across the globe are her inspiration for her photography and painting. Her abstract work comes from memory and her influential art comes from her passion for unity and inclusivity and reform in a world of vast cultural diversity. Her spiritual art comes from meditation and channeling the subconscious and source energy.

Some classes Kelly has taught include Drawing, Watercolor, Piano, Guitar, Clarinet, Critical Thinking, and other humanities and sciences. Her educational background consists of a BFA in Illustration from MCAD and a MFA in Creative Writing from the University of New Orleans with studies in Ireland, Scotland, and Italy in Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction, Screenwriting, and Visual Art.

Some local clients for books, illustrations, and murals have included Minnesota’s Governor’s Residence Council, Minnesota Children’s Theater, and the Islamic Center of Minnesota. Some national clients for live performances, courtroom sketches, and 3D art have included the National Architecture Convention, Fox National News, Macy’s, and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Kelly’s work has appeared in film, TV, books, newspapers, magazines, on the radio, on walls, windows, pianos, mailboxes, and electrical boxes. During the year her work is displayed in solo and group gallery shows, and is for sale at local art festivals. She is currently finishing her screenplay and feature-length film.



Artist: Rebecca Froehlich

“Rebecca Froehlich is a visual artist and communication professional living in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She grew up in South Dakota and values the opportunities in the arts the Midwest presents. She has been trained in the practice of Arts in Health and has experienced facilitating projects with various populations in settings ranging from cancer centers to dementia care units.”


Artist: Toni Gallo

“Toni Gallo grew up in the Midwest in Minnesota and always identified with being a visual artist.  Leaving briefly for college in California at Humboldt State University, she received her Bachelor of Arts and ended her formal education in Florence, Italy in a painting and art historical program. Since that time Gallo has maintained a studio practice, dedicated herself to being a lifelong learner and has been teaching yoga, meditation and awareness practices for over 7 years.

Gallo’s work is exhibited and collected locally and nationally. Her work has been exhibited and collected nationally, including the esteemed Mayo Clinic. She has been awarded a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative grant.

Gallo’s paintings are born of an access to the energy of creativity activated with meditation and awareness practices deeply rooted in and expressive of mysticism and spiritual philosophy. The process of working is the heart of her work. In the access to creativity, its energy has an ability to vibrate peace and mimic a meditative state where it becomes a component of healing. It’s in this light that she continues to make, share, exhibit and sell work, while researching and experimenting with new ways to form connections and substantiate the power of art.”

Artist: Robin Getsug, LMFT, ATR-BC

“Robin is a Mixed Media Artist, has an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy with an Art Therapy

emphasis from Adler Graduate school, achieved in 2012. Now she is a licensed marriage and

family therapist and a registered and board certified Art Therapist.


Robin has been making art her whole life to process her lived experience. Her childhood was infused with the arts. Her family includes: photographers, musicians, visual artists, and

architects. The visual arts have been a form of healing, creative expression and beauty for as

as long as she can remember. She has passed down this love of the arts to her own three highly creative adult children.


Robin has received a McKnight grant through the family housing fund (2007), to express the

importance of home as a birthright for all. She has participated in shows at the UROC University

Research Outreach Center, titled Dads and Daughters (2015) and She Inspires me ( 2019)

Involvement in the teaching arts, community engagement with the arts with a social justice lens,

as well as her undergraduate degree in Interior Design, with a visual arts minor contribute to

Robin’s aesthetic and world view. Robin strongly believes in the healing power of the arts for self

expression and healing. Robin has worked with many arts nonprofits. She has a long standing

relationship with Art Scraps/ Art Start of 30 years. She specializes in teaching the power and

beauty of African American arts She has taught numerous workshops,creating art in the spirit of

Romare Bearden, Harlem renaissance collage artist and painter and the artistry of the quilters of

Gee’s Bend. She has also been lead artist with Twin Cities Jazz fest creating jazz inspired art

projects for families at these community events.


Her personal body of personal work is

“She is In Her Peace, finding Joy through resilience, in her own life journey and of the collective

unity and beauty of strong and resilient women / people/ children.”

Robin weaves vibrant colors, textures, lines, images, and words

Mixed media collage is a layering , a complexity, a metaphor for life.

Robin utilizes: photography, painting, drawing, poetry, collage. Robin’s work is about a merging

of art and social justice, nature, empowerment, celebration, and the beauty, strength and

resilience of the human spirit.”



Artist: Sam Greene

My career as an artist started shortly after I earned my BA in Graphic Design in San

Francisco CA. After several years living in Japan, I relocated to New York City to work at

design and advertising firms, first in print design, then as an interactive illustrator and

designer. My most amusing and inspiring job was a stint as head art director for M&M/Mars

Skittles and Snickers. During my New York years, I also did editorial illustration for the New

York Times, Business Week, and New York Magazine. After 911, I started my own business,

SciencePiction, as an illustrator and graphic designer. Among my accomplishments were ninety illustrations for a book entitled Gardening with Children for Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, fifty signage illustrations for New York Botanical Gardens’ Everett Children’s Adventure Garden, and a myriad of botanical and nature illustrations for educational publishers.

During this time, I started to develop my own personal work including a series of humorous

illustrations of Extremophiles–extreme life forms–and a second series depicting The Planets

and Planettes, which relied heavily on astrological metaphors and magical realism. This

work was exhibited at the Flushing Hall of Science in Queens NY, Brooklyn Public Library,

and the American Museum of Natural History.

I was soon to add the title of visual arts teacher to my repertoire of skills as a teaching artist

both for the New York City Department of Education and the New York Department of

Juvenile Justice. I facilitated art workshops for underserved, marginalized populations in

New York City public schools and also to residents of juvenile detention sites, both young

women and men, in Brooklyn and Bronx, New York. My involvement with social justice

began here.

Currently, I live in Minnesota where at long last, I’ve come to place my own art front and

center. Since moving to the Midwest in 2018, I’ve been creating fine art prints in digital

media, watercolor, and charcoal––all of this after a final 5-year detour to earn my MA in

teaching English as a Second Language as an instructor at colleges, adult learning centers,

and libraries in New York, where I also taught visual arts workshops to both adults and



At this moment in time, I’m busy at work on the next chapter of my creative journey.”


Artist: Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger

“Cuban-born Carmen Gutiérrez-Bolger is a self-taught artist who has participated in many invitational and juried shows in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Washington including: Katherine E. Nash Gallery and the Larson Art Gallery at the University of Minnesota, The Gorecki Gallery at the College of St. Benedict, The Minnetonka Center for the Arts, The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, The Phipps Center for the Arts, The Textile Center, Groveland Gallery Annex, the MSP Airport and the Arrowhead Biennial at the Duluth Art Center.

In 2007, Carmen and colleague Suzanne Skon co-conceived and curated a 44-artist collaborative installation and produced and designed a 134-page book entitled The Hand to Hand Project: A Collaboration. The project debuted in 2008 at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts.

In addition to her visual art work, Gutiérrez-Bolger co-produced a documentary film about her family’s flight from Cuba and subsequent struggles in the US. She is a former board chair of the NE Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA) and works in her studio in the Casket Arts Building in Northeast Minneapolis.


Artist: Mindy Johnson

“Growing up in a small river town in Wisconsin, now residing in St. Paul, Mindy draws inspiration from both rural landscapes and city skylines. With some college experience in Studio Art, she is mainly self-taught in Digital Art. She’s always creating new pieces, which are often portraits of people in whimsical or surreal settings that explore themes of urban nature, light vs. dark, and fleeting moments. Mindy currently volunteers with the Ramsey County Master Gardener program as both social media manager and graphic designer. Her digital collage work has been exhibited at the Courage Kenny Art of Possibilities show in Golden Valley, Art for the View in Schenectady, NY and People Incorporated’s Artability show at Union Depot in St. Paul.



Artist: Anna Karena

Anna has been a lifelong creative person to include dance, theater, art, and many fine crafts as well.  She is an intuitive abstract artist working in a variety of mediums to include painting, collage, mixed media, and beadwork.  She works in a very layered fashion and goes where the work takes her without a preset plan for outcome.  This keeps her work vibrant, lively, and honest. Her passion within art is color and the use of many layers to tell a story of depth and nuance.


Anna shows her art in various locations around the Twin Cities and people love the bright and inviting nature of her work.  Anna is a published bead artist and enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge with others and can be found working in her studio in the NE Mpls Arts District at the Carriage House Arts Studios in Studio 200.  You can see her finished works as well as watch her works in progress on Instagram: @anna.karena and Facebook: annakarenaartist

Artist: Cynthia Mauleón

“Cynthia Mauleón is a writer, teacher, healer, and motivational speaker. She is a grandmother and an elder. Cynthia enjoys photography and recently started dabbling in finger painting. She is also a former Emma Norton resident.

Following a thirty-year career as a Spanish medical interpreter, Cynthia recently “retired” to pursue her writing and develop other creative and healing gifts.

Cynthia identifies as a Soul Whisperer, one who listens and sees deeply and creates safe space for the heart’s longings to make themselves known. She offers wellness workshops and motivational speaking and will soon offer spiritual companioning and creation of healing rituals.

Cynthia is passionate about child development, social justice, (particularly around issues of homelessness, racial and LGBTQ+ equity) and mental health. She is currently writing a memoir about the intersection of mental illness and spirituality, with the working title: My Heart is Fierce.

Cynthia is the author of: “Terminology Workbook for Medical Interpreters: A Language-Neutral Reference Tool”

Cynthia blogs at: For more information about Cynthia or to contact her directly, go to


Artist: Layl McDill

“Layl McDill grew up in Gillette, Wyoming where she began creating at a very young age. Her early works were dollhouses, marionettes and even an entire “Smurf Village”.  Layl received her BFA in Illustration from the Columbus College of Art Design but she found it more exciting to make sculptural work and sell it through galleries and art fairs.  She has exhibited her work around the country since 1994. Polymer clay has been her medium of choice using the millefiori technique and mixed media materials added.  The theme of wonderment permeates her sculptures that are covered with endless details. She uses themes of animals and nature to explore the ways we interact with the environment.  Her work can also be found in numerous books and publications.  She currently serves as chair of the board of Art to Change the World.”


Artist: Natalie McGuire

“Natalie McGuire is a multi-award-winning mixed medium artist.  Awards started in 2003 at local art shows winning cash prizes in her category. 2012 she won Student Photographer of the year.  Later in her career, Natalie has been awarded 1st place, Juror’s Choice, and People’s choice awards at exhibitions local and nationally across the use from 2000 to the present.

Her education began as a small child; she learned photography composition from her father.  Her Aunt Natalie fueled the creative side, allowing it to flourish.   Her parents loved to travel via RV as they believed the road trip was a part of the journey and got to see a lot of America that you just can’t get from a plane.  The side windows were her TV screen and would sit watching the landscape go by.  No reruns to watch, only magical views sparking Natalie’s young imagination, as her mind whimsically wandered absorbing it all in like a sponge.  A blissful vista like that stayed with her to date, inspiring her to explore other areas of the art world as an adult artist.  This presented Natalie with a creative new style of art- Mixed medium, a perfect marriage of Photography encapsulated in fine craft mosaic-stained glass frame. They are inspired where Van Gogh’s textures meet Ansel Adam’s simplicity near the intersection of Bob Ross’ healing vibes.

She Attended Community education classes for basic photography in 1997/98, studied under Deidra Monk, later enrolled in Hennepin Technical college Digital Photography program, studied under Paul Sinkler, Tom Hanly, and Tim Grey until the program closed.  She’s continued her education by attending one-day seminars with National Geographic photographers.  Continues her education in unconventional ways by joining Wyoming Center for Arts, ACW (Art to Change the World), PRCBoston, Griffin Museum of Photography, La Photo, Praxis Gallery, NEMAA, and St. Paul Art’s collective.

Networks with other artists sharing tips and ideas. Natalie is known for her Infrared black n white photography along with her Photozaics (which is a combination of her two loves, photography, and mosaics).”


Artist: Kim Reedich

“Kim grew up in a small city on the Mississippi River in the Driftless Region of southwestern Wisconsin. No matter where she has moved, the proximity of bodies of water is an intentional thread in her life.

After 2 years of BA in Fine Art coursework, and then earning an AA in Graphic Design, Kim Reedich enjoyed a long and interesting career as a designer, production artist, and art director creating print and digital design for in-house creative departments and marketing agencies.

In 2010, Kim took up art journaling. The resulting work was licensed for greeting cards, buttons, magnets, and temporary tattoos and sold at art fairs, gift shops, and her online store.

Her focus has returned to painting and illustration as she completes her Studio Arts BA (2025). Not ready to sacrifice all the perks of a “day job”, she took the opportunity provided by the COVID pandemic to immerse herself in an intensive online 6-week course in the art and business of Surface Pattern Design. Kim’s expert proficiency in Adobe CC applications, color theory, and typography will be showcased as she pursues licensing opportunities for her illustrations and paintings.

Her artwork has been shown in Minnesota, and she was chosen for the Everwood Farm artist residency in the summer of 2023. Kim lives in Saint Paul, and dreams of one day having a dedicated studio space that isn’t her living room.”


Artist: Jennifer Schultz

“Jennifer Schultz is a painter and fiber artist from Minneapolis MN. “My work is a daily practice; whether I’m painting or sewing, making paper or creating jewelry, my peace of mind depends on the time I spend in my home studio. Some work tells a story about people and relationships. Other paintings are inspired by the natural world, by elements of life too small for us to see or hidden in darkness beneath the soil.” Jennifer is the recipient of a Jerome Foundation fellowship in fiber arts, and an individual artist grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. She has one adult son, and three black cats.

She can be reached at”


Artist: Lucienne “Lucy” Schroepfer

“Originally from Cambridge, MA Lucy was steeped in the arts through childhood. Originally focusing on music, she discovered fabrics and sewing 20 years ago and has never looked back.

Lucy starts each morning in her studios at 5 am. On good days, post her day job in the performing arts, she is back in the studio.

Whether experimenting with patchwork and color, creating fabric paintings, or long-arm quilting- her work typically showcases bold colors with a broad bouquet of thread and texture. Inspiration comes from places, books, and the fabric itself. Most fun for her is to witness the surprise from folks realizing, only up-close, her paintings are in fact fabric. Often framing without glass, she reminds folks her art is washable.

Lucy is a member of the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild, MN Quilters, Dakota Star Country Quilters, NEMAA, St. Paul Art Collective, and the Mpls, Textile Center. She lives and studios in Saint Paul with her husband, three teens, and mutt “Lulu”.

Instagram/ Facebook- Luce Quilts”


Artist: Sam St. John


“Sam St. John is a mixed-media Indigenous artist from Hastings, Minnesota. Sam finds

inspiration in her travels, connecting to nature, and living near the Mississippi River.

Sam has an Associate degree in Fine Art and is passionate about art transforming lives.

Most recently, Sam has worked with the U of M and Masonic Institute of Research for

the Brain as an art facilitator for a case study on how creativity impacts the brain. Sam

is also an Art Advisor with the Institute on Community Integration to create and develop

opportunities for BIPOC artists, LGBTQ+ artists, and artists with disabilities. As an art

facilitator, Sam encourages her students to break the "rules" of traditional art and enjoy the process of creating.


Sam’s art is grounded in the essence of storytelling, resilience, authenticity, and

vulnerability. Rooted in the soul, art serves the purpose of evoking emotions, fostering

connections, and building community. Sam believes that creating art, in any form, is a

means of self-healing. Through painting, she narrates her story, recognizing the power

embedded in our narratives. Sam encourages her students to discover their creative

voice and inherent strength. Each piece of art carries a distinctive story and artistic

expression. She emphasizes that our voices need and deserve to be heard. Sam is a

firm believer that art is for everyone and a powerful tool to heal.


Sam has shown her work in exhibitions and collaborated with artists for community

events. Sam has presented her story as a speaker to share messages of hope with her

community and raise awareness for mental health. Sam also does performance art

combining music, poetry, and art.”

Artist: Sadie Ward

“In 2019 Sadie created an art form by taking old bras and making portraits of influential women, referred to as Brart (bra-art). Sadie is a local set designer and you may have seen some of her scenic and prop design work at Park Square, Theatre in the Round, Theatre Unbound, Theatre Pro Rata, The Phipps, Lyric Arts and Minnesota Opera. In our disposable modern world, she tries to incorporate recycled and upcycled elements into her theatre designs and art work. She is always taking bra donations. Sadie is also a bra recycling ambassador with The Bra Recyclers based out of Arizona, and recycles any bra donations that she doesn’t use for Brart. You can see the scope of Sadie’s work on her blog, Embrace Brart.


Artist: Briauna Williams

“A graphic design graduate that has been drawing since the age of five.  Always having the dream of wanting to change the world with her work. Briauna, colloquially called Brii Noir she is an all round creative most of her work she’s wearing the hats of an acrylic artist, muralist, henna artist, teaching artist and community engagement artist. She draws inspiration from her family, social Justice and nature.  Using paint to tell stories, Ones of empowerment, and resilience.  Briauna began painting as an outlet in 2017 she found it very therapeutic and it soon began to open many doors for her and her work. Soon blossoming into a platform to share her tools of healing with the community through her many self-curated events. Briauna Is now hosting events and painting murals throughout the Dfw area as well as Minnesota.

Her Words of Inspiration; “Never lose touch of the little person deep within”

Sandra Reardon – Counselor

As a therapist, it is an honor to be part of another person’s process in understanding their personal worth. I respect and value my client’s self-determination, therefore, my therapeutic approach is eclectic to correspond with the matter at hand. I am empathetic, patient and respectful, while building a relationship with my client. I believe that progress begins when my client has established trust in our relationship. I have faith that each client has the ability to discover their strengths and to use these strengths to achieve their individual goals.

I specialize in Eating Disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, & Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder, and Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Life Transitions and Trauma. I work with individuals, couples, families and groups. Parents of loved ones with eating disorders

I integrate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT-E, Family Based Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Sensorimotor Therapy, Expressive arts, mindfulness and strengths-based focus into therapy. I forever feel honored to be a stepping stone on my client’s journey as bit by bit they create the life that is important to them.