Intern Onboarding

Intern Onboarding Suggestions

Please review all resources below within your first week at ACW!

1. Create your contact list: includes names, titles, phone (optional), and email of staff, interns, and supporting roles


2.Review Website:


  1. Vision and Values:
  2. Articles of Incorporation/By Laws etc.


ACW seeks to offer interns as much autonomy as possible. Here are some guidelines as you move forward with internal/external communications



First Month To Dos:
Jump into the ACW community!


  • Write introductory letter/bio for newsletter and members roll.
  • Add your contact information to ACW staff contact list
  • Establish regular contact with Divergent/Relevant Committee Coordinator etc.
  • Join the Task Force and attend Meetings
  • “like”/”follow”/explore ACW social media:
  • Interns are expected to volunteer at least 8 hours a month.  Please track hours.
  • Certain duties will have stipends attached.
    • Facebook:
    • Twitter:
    • Instagram:
    • LinkedIn:
    • TikTok
  • [Optional] join SWAP!