How to make a video.

Hello ACW artists-

Our promotions committee is hard at work building up our social media presence and we need your help.

We need short videos (less than one minute) from each artist that tells us something important about your issue.  We want something that catches the attention and sticks in the mind of the viewer.  This is your chance to get the word out on your topic!

Our intern, Daycia has created a video that tells how to make this video.  You can view it here on Youtube:

Also attached are written instructions.

This is a great chance for you to spread the word about your issue!  Once the video is made follow the instructions for dropping it into Dropbox.

You will receive an invite to view the folder shortly after this email.


We are happy to help you out with any trouble you might have so please feel free to ask.


Our goal is to collect videos by the end of June.

Steps for making a Social Media Video-2