I am excited to report that we have several  potential donors and starting January 15 2018, I will be writing grants for the Fall 2018 event for the following two months.  I have a list of possibles but if you have any suggestions-please send them to me. I am committed to paying both you and your expert voice for your participation in our Fall 2018 event.
Please keep ACW in mind as you apply for grants for other projects. You have a fiscal non-profit partner now! Generally, non-profits ask for a 6%-20% administrative fee.  Active members of our ACW community will be charged 7% or a little more if it is a federal grant. This fee goes directly to the accountant who will be managing your grant at ACW.  YOU write your grants but please reach out to me (or other members)  if my/their credentials might strengthen your application.

See grant opportunities :

1. NEA Art Works, February 15, 2018

2. MSAB Arts Learning, February 16, 2018

3. Creative Capital, February 28, 2018

4. NEA Creative Writing Fellowship, March 7, 2018

5. Mcknight Media Fellowship, March 12, 2018

6. MRAC Next Step, March 19, 2018

7. MSAB Minnesota Festival Support, March 23, 2018

8. Loft Minnesota Emerging Writers Grant, March 30 2018? (Possibly discontinued) UPDATE: Confirmed discontinued by Loft staff.

9. Joyce Awards Letter of Intent: Early April?

10. MRAC Arts Activities Support, April 9

11. NEA Challenge America, April 12, 2018

12. McKnight Theater Artist (Non-writer) Fellowship, April 12, 2018

13. Arts Midwest Touring Fund, April 25, 2018

14. MSAB Artist Initiative, Literary Arts May 4, 2018

15. MSAB Artist Initiative, Performing Arts May 4, 2018

16. Jerome Emerging Artist, May 8, 2018

17. Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize in Photography, May 15, 2018

18. ArtsWriters Grant Program, May 21, 2018

19. MSAB Folk and Traditional Arts, May 25, 2018

20. MSAB Arts Access, June 22, 2018

21. MSAB Artist Initiative, Visual Arts, June 29, 2018

22. MRAC Arts Activities Support, July 9, 2018?

23. NEA Art Works, July 12, 2018

24. Aaron Siskind Foundation Photography Fellowship, July 13, 2018?

25. MSAB Arts Tour Minnesota, July 13, 2018

26. MSAB Community Arts Education Support, July 20, 2018

27. Asian Pacific Endowment Grant, August 15, 2018?

28. Jerome Film, Video, & Digital Production, August 23, 2018?

29. MSAB Partners in Arts Participation, August 31, 2018

30. MRAC Capital Grant, September 10, 2018?

31. Bush Fellowship, September 13, 2018?

32. A Blade of Grass Fellowship September 17, 2018?

33. NEA Our Town Creative Placemaking, September 17, 2018?

34. JS Guggenheim Fellowship, September 18, 2018?

35. Filmnorth Screenwriting Residency, September 17, 2018?

36. MSAB Cultural Community Partnership, September 21, 2018

37. MRAC Community Arts Grants, October 8, 2018?

38. Midway Contemporary Art Visual Arts Fund, October 13, 2018?

39. Loft Spoken Word Immersion Fellowship, October 19, 2018?

40. MAP Fund, October 26, 2018?

41. Asian Cultural Council, November, 2018?

42. CURA Artist Neighborhood Partnership Initiative, November 4, 2018?

43. MRAC Arts Learning, November 5, 2018?

44. Loft McKnight Artist Fellowships, November 23, 2018?

45. Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Artist as Activist Fellowship, December 7, 2018?

46. Playwrights Center Many Voices Fellowship, December 13, 2018?

47. MRAC Community Arts Grants, January 7, 2019?

48. NEA Translation Project, January 10, 2019?

49. Jerome Fellowship in Playwrighting, January 10, 2019?

50. MRAC Arts Learning February 4, 2019?

51. Jerome Foundation 2-Year Organization Grant, Spring/Summer 2019?  David Rothchild   Sculpt the Future  McKnight Minneapolis  Council on Foundations.  Join!   The Minnesota Environmental Partnership (MEP) is a statewide coalition of environmental and conservation nonprofits.  Join!  theater events   recovery  ProgressNow Education is a network of 21 state entities that are dedicated to providing communications assistance to allies on the ground who work for human rights, social justice and voicing the concerns and issues of underrepresented communities.  Recovery project  Art Buddies helps kids from low-income families discover their creative gifts while building confidence and big dreams.

Our creative mentors come from all sorts of exciting fields — including advertising, graphic and interior design, film production, commercial photography, illustration, public relations, web design and architecture.  At Nonprofits Assistance Fund, our financial experts are here to help you strengthen your capacity to address unexpected events, finance new opportunities, and realize strategic goals. We fulfill our mission by helping you thrive.  Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) is a nonprofit organization based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, that operates four broadcast television channels, produces programs for regional and national television broadcast, operates numerous Web sites, and produces rich media content for Web distribution Environment Minnesota is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. Our professional staff combines independent research, practical ideas and tough-minded advocacy to overcome the oppositin of powerful special interests and win real results for Minnesota’s environment    Our mission is to strengthen the enduring connection between people and the Mississippi River and build community support for our National Park.The Mississippi River Fund supports stewardship and community engagement programs that fill the gap between federal funding realities and core programs of the park, including:

Turn Around Arts Kennedy Center Turnaround Arts is a school reform effort that transforms priority schools through the strategic use of the arts. We envision a world in which all students engage in a well-rounded education and exude confidence, critical thinking, and creativity as a result.
Alpert Award in Theatre