#Frame Your Rights Minutes


Meeting 10-3-21 with Lucy at Solar Arts building

Attendances: Lucy, Natalie, Barbara, and Katie

Nina is responding in purple

Viewed location and solar arts will have picture rail molding installed over brick wall making it easier for artists to hang artwork without drilling into brick- Solar arts handling this. 

Katie sending pictures to Mike to show how it will look (LS) 

Need estimate if ACW is paying

Accepted artists into #FYR exhibition will need to provide artist picture and bio.  These will be attached to the metal door entrance into Fox Den- NEED #FYR task force person to gather that and present in a professional manner.

Accepted artists into #FYR exhibition will also need to provide an Artwork statement for each work of art accepted.  Following information required: Artist Name-Title of Artwork- Size-Media- Pricing – Need #FYR task force person to gather that and present in a professional manner.   

How to write an artwork  statement

Drop off – installation and pick up information

Due to Solar Arts being a secured building- we can only have one drop-off date and installation at the same time.  Lucy is available on Tuesday, November 2nd from 5 pm to 7 pm I am aware some of you can’t make that time.  Pick up will be Sunday after the show- please arrive a few minutes before 4 pm that day as the building will be unlocked for an exhibition going on in all Solar Arts.  Pick-up times will be firm from 3:50 to 6 pm, Katie volunteered her time to let artists in to get artwork. Please arrange for your artwork to be delivered – and or picked by someone else. Artists will be expected to help de-install their works. 

Drop off date 11-2-21 -Time 5-7 pm

The installation will happen on 11-2-21- Time 5-7 pm

Pick up date 11-7-21- Time 3:50 to 6 pm- clean up required before leaving

Need volunteers for sitting hours of this event- Lucy has sign-up genius software and will be creating a schedule – approved artists can schedule their time.

Need volunteers for set up- pick update and cleaning of space

Lucy will train Nina and Natalie on the Square reader for ACW- Lucy will set a time for that. Also will show them Signup Genius. 

Nina volunteered to run that during the whole show- Per Barbara– Nina are you still able to do that?

Yes, I will be there! Will need to leave at 4 pm on Sunday for a family obligation. 

Event hours:

Thursday: 11-4   5 pm to 9 pm

Friday 11-5          5 pm to 9 pm

Saturday 11-6 12 pm to 7 pm

Sunday 11-7       12 pm to 4 pm (clean up time afterward and artist pick up 4 pm to 6 pm)



ACW will pay for $50 in food- beverage

Thinking of Health bars and putting a sticker over the top with woman’s health- Taskforce anyone interested in creating those labels? These will be small snack-sized candy bars. 

(Choose wrapped candy bars for hygiene purposes.)

Coordinator of this event $100.00 -Natalie (will donate all of this to Lilith fund)

Square reader operator of this event Nina $50.00 full day

            Nina- due to budget would you be willing to do this for $150.00 instead of $200.00?  Barbara is trying to

Yes, I can do it for that no problem 

Interns will walk people around to #FYR-Fox Den and ACW studios this event.



ACW to share through social media channels. 

Artists encouraged to do the same

TODO Lucy/ Barbara to review the application and add requirement re: artists being willing to help in promoting the event. 



Katie talking to the Musician for Saturday.


Standing Committee program design and minutes procedure
Minutes taken
Minutes posted to committee.
Minutes edited by attendees using different color .
THEN presentation to the task force.
When each project is in the design mode, it is good policy to CC Barbara since she is the one with all the cross over knowledge.
Hope this makes sense.  It prevents a lot of confusion and wasted work.  Questions?  Please feel free to ask.