Educator Testimony

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What educators are saying:

“Dodging Bullets is an extraordinarily relevant film … Rarely has a film been able to fully capture the complexity of these contemporary social justice concerns through historical accounts and personal narratives.”
George S Leibowitz, PhD
Stony Brook University
School of Medicine and Social Welfare

“Dodging Bullets resonated with Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality students and Native American Studies students because so many come from backgrounds of Intergenerational Trauma. The film brilliantly wove together a positive path to healing through ceremony and cultural identity.”
Rain L. Marshall, JD, (Ihanktonwan),
Humboldt State University

“The Tomah Area School District uses the documentary, Dodging Bullets, as a professional development opportunity to introduce the concept of historical trauma to our professional and support staff. The documentary provided a powerful glimpse into historical trauma originating in this country and how the ripples of early actions continue throughout time.  As a nation we must acknowledge the damage created by government policies, accept responsibility, and forge improved relations with the first inhabitants of this land. Dodging Bullets makes the case for this work.”

Cindy Zahrte

District Administrator
Tomah Area School District