Earth Day Survey results

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Survey questions for Pearl from Earth Day Solar Arts 2023


  1. Is Mississippi River Pearl “art?” Explain why or why not.


  1. Yes, it is an expression of an idea and makes me think.
  2. It is a creative expression with a clear message.
  3. Yes, it’s just abstract
  4. Yes- reflects life and makes you think!
  5. Yes – because it is abstract art.
  6. Yes! It is beautiful, creative, educational and inspirational!
  7. Yes because it represents the need for us to pay attention to pollution in the Mississippi
  8. It is interesting and informative and beautiful
  9. Art is communication elevated. This sculpture makes you stop and explore its many messages.
  10. Yes! It is an expression of a vision of the world and environment
  11. Of course! Repurposed materials to create something people can connect and react to
  12. This is art! Art has a message, a meaning, and takes different mediums, and recreates them, mushes them, stretches them into something wonderful. If this isn’t art I don’t know what is.
  13. Yes! It’s creative and interesting to look at. It tells a story thru images and color.
  14. Yes! Creative mix of materials used to make something enjoyable and educational J
  15. Yes! Conveys a story, evokes emotion
  16. Amazing colab
  17. Yes
  18. Yes, art comes from very different sources and inspiration. Best way to preserve nature
  19. Absolutely: repurposed art is cool art
  20. 20. It is what you find beautiful
    21 Someone took the time and effort to make it


  1. What part of Pearl did you like the best? Why?


  1. The drawers I like to open things!
  2. The giveaways and drawer exploration. Fun to see what was inside.
  3. The reflection box, it looks cool
  4. The drawers and surprises inside – the (story? Can’t read this word)
  5. I like the clear bottles with glitter
  6. All! The drawers are engaging, the throne and wings are beautiful and fun photo op!
  7. We liked the of the reuse of all the cans and bottles
  8. The wings and drawers
  9. I like the interactive drawers and the fact that you can touch the exhibit and explore. I like being able to take a marble as a memento.
  10. The drawers are so interesting and evocative
  11. The wings, gorgeous color, 2nd interactive
  12. The rock and the prompt “who will be here longer? Reminds us that we are so temporary. We think it’s our belongings that represent who we are but it’s the opposite. They will last much much longer than us.
  13. Aluminum can mosaic
  14. The mural-super creative way to use can scraps
  15. I am a collector of found thing, so this greatly speaks to me!! Loud and clear
  16. The drawers
  17. Drawers of treasures
  18. The fact that it reduces trash- makes beauty
  19. The lighters, cigarette butts, alcohol mini bottles
  20. 20. the drawers
    21 the unique creativity of every box


  1. What part of Pearl did you like the least? Why?


  1. How long it took to find all the items, only 2 hours? We need to do better.
  2. The fact that the Mississippi is so polluted. Glitter, I don’t like Glitter.
  3. The Barbie head box because it’s staring into my soul.
  4. Little Mermaid Head
  5. Nothing, it’s all really cool
  6. Hmm, don’t know
  7. I didn’t see anything that needs a negative comment.
  8. The no trespassing sign-too sad
  9. Size, smaller than expected
  10. The part about flushing water was upsetting because it reminded me that much of the waste we create is out of our control. It will take a lot of innovation and fighting to change something so simple.
  11. The chair
  12. Loved it all! Loved how eye opening it was and how something sad (trash) turned into something positive and beautiful
  13. Nothing
  14. Sad- plastic bottles
  15. None
  16. X
    20 attracted too many little kids
    21 Glitter


  1. What important topic did we miss?


  1. Nothing!
  2. Agricultural run-off?
  3. None
  4. Compost/organic waste?
  5. None
  6. I’m not sure
  7. Often, the most polluted areas are places where there are more impoverished people, neglected by the government. More change comes when we realize we must advocate for all neighborhoods.
  8. Birds and fish
  9. …?none?
  10. None
  11. None
  12. X
  13. 20. show eco system damage to fish.
    21 How it effects animals


  1. Did this sculpture inspire you to take action? Describe>


  1. Buy less! I don’t want stuff to end up in the river.
  2. It inspired me to use less plastic.
  3. Yes
  4. Yes, thinking more carefully to buy plastic bottle
  5. Yes, clean the ocean
  6. Yes, pick up trash
  7. Yes by living more sustainably and paying attention to the litter in our waters
  8. The use of bamboo spoons
  9. Yes, it’s a good reminder to continue living life with an environmental awareness. To make more conscious decisions day to day.
  10. To think about art as activism-not sure where that will lead
  11. Continue to make beautiful art
  12. I want to invite a group that does projects like these to the youth climate action network summit at MIT in Cambridge in may!
  13. Yes- will be more careful with my own trash and more apt to pick up others J
  14. Inspires me to continue action! I grew up along the Mississippi, on greycloud island, so river-related projects are near/dear to my heart <3
  15. Recycle new pieces for my work
  16. Yes, pick up trash when I see it.
  17. Yes, I would love to be part of another cycle of this project. (Deb Ripp)
  18. Yes; makes me want to recycle all my cig packs
    20 how much indesposable stuff sticks around.
    21 Makes me never want to use shooters again