Whittier Resident Preferences

Emphasize Engaging Narratives and Visual Impact

  • Incorporate Storytelling: Focus on subjects like dreams, mythology, and cityscapes which offer rich narratives and visually impactful scenes. These themes should be explored across various mediums, including watercolor, paintings, and mosaics, to maintain a vibrant and imaginative atmosphere throughout the community spaces.
  • Visual Styles and Expression: Leverage preferred styles such as narrative, pop, and expressionism to create engaging and emotionally resonant artworks. This approach will cater to the residents’ preference for stories and familiar imagery, fostering a deeper connection with the art.

Address Social Themes and Personal Connections

  • Social and Personal Themes: Integrate artworks that address social justice themes and personal connections like friendship and unity. This not only reflects the community’s social values but also enhances the sense of belonging and community among the residents.
  • Community Projects: Initiate projects like community graphic novels or thematicjournals to involve residents in the creative process, thereby personalizing their experience and fostering a collective identity.

Utilize Preferred Mediums and Colors Strategically

  • Diverse Mediums: Employ a mix of favored mediums—watercolor for its fluidity, paintings for versatility, and photographs for capturing realism. Consider workshops in these mediums to actively engage residents in the arts.
  • Color Choices: Use dark blue predominantly in relaxation spaces to enhance the atmosphere of calm and stability. Incorporate a balanced mix of hot pink, light blue, dark green, and purple in social and creative areas to stimulate interaction and creativity, while using less preferred colors in thoughtful, smaller accents.

Strategic Art Placement

  • Distributed Art Placement: Ensure artwork is evenly distributed across all areas of interest, including both community and private spaces. This will guarantee that all residents have regular interactions with art, enhancing their daily experience and ensuring equitable access to cultural enrichment.
  • Cluster-Based Art Selection: Implement a collaborative art selection process within each naturally occurring cluster of apartments, empowering residents to choose artwork that resonates with their collective preferences and interests. This approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of their shared space but also fosters a deeper sense of community and personal investment in the living environment. These clusters align naturally with the 2-3 pre-selected “areas of interest” on each floor.
  • Special Focus Areas: Place particular emphasis on community rooms and lounges using styles and themes that resonate most with the residents, turning these spaces into central hubs for artistic and cultural engagement.