ACW Climate Action Group Forming – Zoom Call

Climate Change Action Group Forming For those who feel that individual footprint-minimizing actions aren’t enough to keep the world from burning up and clean water from disappearing, Art to Change […]

Poems? click here for a challenge

What can you create with words? Check out some poems done by Kelly Frankenberg using the letters of a word for each line. See example below of "January," and her […]

On Location Drawing Co-Op: Trailhead Lodge

On Location Drawing Co-op  Next Stop: Where: Trailhead Lodge @ Theodore Wirth Park 1221 Theodore  Wirth Pkwy, Mpls, 55422 When: January 14th, 11:30am -1:30 pm On Location Drawing Co-op is an informal group […]

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Learn more about the history of MLK Day here! If you would like to submit your art to illustrate this page, please email

Club Critique – Hosted by Candy Kuehn

Candy Kuehn’s Club Critique Event January 18, 2023, @ 6:00 pm ON2 Gallery California Building You are Invited to Join Club Critique 2023 If you are looking for a place […]

Greg Volker – “This Time” Release Party

Greg Volker is having a release party for the new single off his new album titled "This Time” The title track “This Time” will be available on Spotify on January 1 for […]

Vincent Wycoff @ The Grand Hand Gallery

Art is for Everyone! The Grand Hand Gallery features fine art and craft, with a focus on artists in the communities of the Upper Midwest. The Grand Hand is committed to […]

Lunar New Year

Learn about the history of Lunar New Year across cultures! If you have art you'd like to submit to illustrate this page, please contact Rebecca at