New Year’s Day

Happy New Year's Day!  Learn about traditions celebrating the New Year throughout history at  Have some New Year themed art you'd like to submit to illustrate this page? Please […]

Capricorn-interactive post

January is Capricorn (the zodiac sign) that loves making money. Do you have a business? Do you make money with your art? Do you have a side hussle? Share with […]

ACW Climate Action Group Forming – Zoom Call

Climate Change Action Group Forming For those who feel that individual footprint-minimizing actions aren’t enough to keep the world from burning up and clean water from disappearing, Art to Change […]

Poems? click here for a challenge

What can you create with words? Check out some poems done by Kelly Frankenberg using the letters of a word for each line. See example below of "January," and her […]

On Location Drawing Co-Op: Trailhead Lodge

On Location Drawing Co-op  Next Stop: Where: Trailhead Lodge @ Theodore Wirth Park 1221 Theodore  Wirth Pkwy, Mpls, 55422 When: January 14th, 11:30am -1:30 pm On Location Drawing Co-op is an informal group […]

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Learn more about the history of MLK Day here! If you would like to submit your art to illustrate this page, please email

Club Critique – Hosted by Candy Kuehn

Candy Kuehn’s Club Critique Event January 18, 2023, @ 6:00 pm ON2 Gallery California Building You are Invited to Join Club Critique 2023 If you are looking for a place […]

Greg Volker – “This Time” Release Party

Greg Volker is having a release party for the new single off his new album titled "This Time” The title track “This Time” will be available on Spotify on January 1 for […]