April 25, 2018 Event Committee

ACW Minutes Events Committee 4/25/2018  Director’s Report

Squirrel Haus

In Attendance: Barry, Layl, Candy, Kira, Maris, Jull, Craig, Rebecca, Barbara

Reaffirmed: Craig is the liaison w/ The Squirrel Haus-  We must go through Craig so we get scheduled. Set meeting dates by the end of meeting to have him set it up.

Step one: Look at Squirrel Calendar

Step two: Craig will confirm w/ Squirrel Haus and let everyone know.

Themes– The idea is to make it simpiler to provide hooks for media.  Top level themes are easier to list.

Motion made by Barbara: Have these three main themes:

Human Rights

Environmental Awareness

Mind/Body and Wellness and Healing

Maris seconds



Project Sponsorships-  

Report from Barbara.  Still waiting for two artists to send in applications.  Barbara is putting together the info received from everyone so we can get individual project sponsorships of $1000 each.

Task List – Barbara keeps a list of everyone that she updates regularly.  This is not on the website but she sends it out periodically.


Kira and Fe have met with the City of Pasadena and ACLU.  They have a referral for an ACLU representative that they are sharing if anyone needs an ACLU authentic voice.


Scheduling and Layout notes:

Laura Hill – needs 2 hours on stage

Kate Renee’s piece is 3×4

Wesley May- already funded Identity Workshop- 8”x10” mural will be created during exhibit.  Planning to do in upstairs meeting room. We need to ask if we can paint in that room. Barbara is helping him get a poster printed for the show.

Shira- needs 2 hours on stage

Maris- plans to have her event in her studio.


Workshops– No updates yet.


2 Ideas out of Grant Writing workshop that day:

Pop up Performances- spoken word event.  Invite people to respond to the work.

Motion made by Barb: Decide to do and explore who would take part.  Jill has volunteered to send out invites.

Seconded: Barry



Non-Profit Night– There was a lot of interest at the Grant Writing workshop from other non-profits to collaborate.  

Motion made by Barb : Explore one night of non-profits. She will be in charge.  Candy will contact Bethany at MRAC



Scheduling: Jill will help with Craig to block out the schedule of events.  

Rebecca suggests we make it very easy to tell what is going on when

Jill says all events support the Gallery show to get more people to see the show.

All events will be on the press release and on the website.


Rebecca knows Erika Lord and asks if she can be invited to join.  Barbara says yes but can’t be in show.


Future board member suggestions: Bethany Whitehead, Mary Cassidy and Amy Fields


Theme nights- Other related events with special sponsors.


Jill reminds- Do what’s realistic

Craig: We can get more help if we get more ideas.  His plan is to get all the ideas on the table, identify what it takes to do them and whittle down to what we can do.  Find out out “Who do we need and WHY?”



Layl will start a physical mailing list.

Layl will send out Mailchimp link to everyone along with URL gathering survey.

Got everyone in room to follow and see first ACW facebook page but realized that the page will not show up in some searches on facebook for some unknown reason- even after they have liked the page.


Consulting grant from MRAC– Did not receive.  We can apply next month.  Barbara will ask why so we can improve with next application.

Event Timeline:

Time specific needs- what has to happen now?

Craig will create a google calendar and send out to everyone.

Barbara will add the deadlines for grants along with when we will be notified about them.

Sept. 1st- Date to revisit what we can achieve with the $ we have.

Oct. 2nd – Install begins

VIP event committee will need a timeline.

PR Committee: Layl will add pr dates

Performances: Craig will work on.

Workshops- We need a deadline for when the schedule will be decided and deadlines for when the info has to be gathered.

Performances- We need to know what all the performances are so we can design the program to make the most sense.  Which performances and workshops should happen around the same time? Keep the schedule regular and overlapping as much as possible to save on security.

Gallery sitting requirements- Hours the gallery will be open- 12-8 weekdays.  Ask artists to commit to 4 hour blocks.

Deadline dates for schedules- Jill and Craig will chair, Barry will help.

June 1st deadline for schedules.


Designing layout.  Shoot for early June so we can let the artists know how much space they get to work with.


Next confirmed meetings:

Wednesday May 2, 7:30AM – 8:45AM – sub-committee meeting of the Exhibit Design committee (Maris, Barry, Barbara, perhaps Jill if she is available… not sure if anyone else was wanting or able to be there). Maris will be present to open the building and participate in the meeting.


Monday June 4, 1:00PM – 3:00PM – This is the next meeting of the full committee.  Maris will be present to open the building and participate in the meeting.


For future agenda: Funding for artists that don’t do what’s needed?