April 25 Directors Report

                                        April 21, 2018  Board Meeting  Director’s Report

Mission Statement  Needs a re-visit. Using currently:

Art to Change the World (ACWis a non-profit multidisciplinary, cross-generational coalition of 40 social practice artists, educators, scientists, authentic/expert voices and other change makers who meet at the intersection of art and natural and social science. We aspire to investigate what divides us and discover strategies that might unite us, encouraging the marginalized, disenfranchised, underserved, and the established elite to join forces to DO Something about societal challenges.

John Capecci recommended We need to sing from the same songbook. An abbreviated elevator pitch:
Change for Chang    Adopt an Action      Adopt a Project     Support a Team     Be the Change    We Make the Art- You Support the Action
Adopt an Artist     We Exist to Make Change     Art=Action=Change
The organization and See.Say. Do project was created with community instead of for community.”

Education Committee
Consider and determine names for workshops; lesson plans; presentations by artists & authentic voices with audience.
Artists earn $250 stipend and $250 supplies. Authentic Voice earns $250.
Final Choices Workshop and Post Performance Discussion:

  • “Hands-on Workshop & Discussion”, 3 hours, $300 stipend, consider limiting attendance as appropriate
  • “Post Performance Conversation”, 1 hour, $100 stipend


See Artists and  HOWD and PPC  tracking data handout

Document Management Handouts Following.

Membership Management
See Handouts. Tasklist, Team Support Documents, Status Updates
Artist /Description of Artwork/Authentic Voice/Workshops Applications. April 1 no submission?  What to do?
Youth and Underserved Recruitment

Grants and Fundraising

Grant Won. $85.00 Grant writing workshop for Layl McDill
Grants Filed:
* MRAC Management Consulting Fund $1750.00  Bridges
Art to Change the World seeks funding for a consultant to  work with a team made up of  our director, PR coordinator and youth members to develop a communications and marketing plan to help raise awareness and cultivate  youth and underserved members and audiences.

*MRAC Event Support  $10,000.00  Bridges and Harris
Funding to support See. Say. DO. What’s Your Issue?, and event which includes an art exhibition, performances, onsite workshops, and community pop-up events, all centered on bringing alternative world views together to deepen cultural understanding and critical thinking to magnify the potential for change. Activities will take place at Squirrel Haus Arts in October 2018.


* The Minnesota Humanities Center $6,250.00  Laura Hill
Compassionate Conversations – FE Williams- African American Artist, 3 authentic voices and supplies  $1,250.00
Identity – Wesley May American Indian Artist, 1 authentic voices and supplies $1,000.00
Body Image Grace Bianchi African American Artist , 1 authentic voices and supplies $1,000.00
Bi-Racial Identity? Laura Hill  2 Artists, 2 authentic voices and supplies $2,000.00
Human Senses CTSD  Craig Harris  Jewish Artist, 1 authentic voices and supplies $1,000.00


*Humanities Council California  FE Williams  Pending

20 Letters of Intent. See handout.  Team Support. See Handout.


May  Bush   Layl McDill

June   Baker Foundation  Bridges

          Resist   Bridges
Alan B. Slifka    Bridges
Sept   Ittleson Foundation  Bridges


Other Fundraising Strategies

*Individual Team Support  See Handout for example  Bridges, Kuehn, Gilbert

*ACW “crowdsourcing”   1. $5.00 to “support the cause”. Sent to ALL of our networks.
2. Add a $1.00 button on all our Social Networking to “Like” our project. Can go
through the ACW site.

*Start a Patreon project.  Need someone to manage this. Monthly Subscriptions for
insider access.

*Next Project? Community Supported Arts –  10 artists make 10 works.
Sponsorships cost $300.00 x 30 = $9,000.00. All tax deductible. Benefits: 3
artworks. One from each artist at 3 Sponsor Parties. Meet and Greet the artists.

100 works divided by 30 sponsors = 3 works per sponsor with one bonus work for
the last party. Each artist will earn $100 per work.  Success will hinge on quality
of product.

*Albright Poster. See Say DO.

*Sponsors on Website?  On program?

*Sponsors for Event. Summit?  Art Supply? Other liquor stores? Bakeries? Pasteria? PEACE Coffee shop?

* $25 ALL SSD Events?  A $50 dollar value. “Donate” through the site?  Benefit is ALL SSD Pass. Maybe free drink, too?