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Barbara Rogers Bridges  (she, her, hers )

Skills/Mediums: Art Teacher, Assemblage/Found Objects, Environmentalist, Grant Writer, Jewelry, Sculpture, Social Justice Themes, Writing

Member of ACW since: July 4, 2017


Barbara Rogers Bridges has been an artist and a teacher/college professor for over 40 years. Her social practice sculptures have been exhibited in Maine, Miami, the Virgin Islands, Maryland, Chicago, Mexico, Spain, Canada, and throughout Minnesota. Bridges taught K-12 art in Minnesota, Maine and the Virgin Islands and trained teachers in higher education at the University of Minnesota and Bemidji State University.

Barbara creates social practice art from fabricated components in a variety of media and rescued “power objects.” She manipulates the objects to create meaning and provoke discussions and reflection on a wide variety of social topics.

She is an intervenor. Cambridge educated philosopher, Tim Ingold, holds a unique theory on art making. Dr. Ingold suggests that artists are simply interveners on any particular materials and/or objects the artist manipulates. Any object already has a story, the artist simply recombines these objects to create a new narrative.

Barbara received the Vision Award from the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District in 2023.

Barbara is founder and director of Art to Change the World. Read More Please contact Barbara if you would like to buy any of her art

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