ACW is Fierce!

Art to Change the World…and how YOU can ensure success

Greetings ACW members and friends! I am Patricia Rogers, Interim Chair of the Board at ACW. I am writing this after a recent board meeting where we debriefed the outstanding success of the ACW inaugural event: See. Say. DO! Keep in mind, this organization is not even one year old and already we have generated a major stir in the Twin Cities arts communities. I cannot help but think of the Shakespeare line from A Midsummer Night’s Dream: “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

“Little?” Sort of. But let me come back to that in a minute. “Fierce?” Oh yeah! The success of See. Say. DO! proved that an arts organization can successfully promote artists working in social justice practice AND can successfully financially support their work through fundraising, paid events, and donations. Fierce in how quickly we became an organization making a difference. Fierce in our promotion and support, fierce in our conviction that art can change the world. Need proof? Read the final report: .

Let’s get back to “little.” Currently, we have over 140 members including member-artists, member-friends, and interested supporters. We started small, but have quickly turned into a bit of a force! We are growing! We want to continue that growth! And we need your help.

As of today, I can report that every board member has contributed to ACW, and continues to support ACW with talent, time, and treasure (money!). We are dedicated to finding new members and friends to ensure solid success in our future plans. And we need your help!

Supporting Art to Change the World is an outstanding statement of commitment to the power of the arts and meaningful gift-giving. Think about holiday gifts or special occasion gifts.

When you donate to ACW, you help us help you, and we all help and support our artist-members. Consider a one-time gift (any amount) to support an important social justice topic. Find friends and others who would benefit from a $25 or $50 membership, and give them the gift of connecting through the arts.

Have someone in your life who supports your work? Might they consider a $200 associate-level or $500 patron-level membership? You never know until you ask!

And we are asking you to help with this important work. Find new artists who would be great members. Find friends who agree with our work and want to help. Ask your patrons to become patrons of ACW. It is easy, fun, and membership brings many benefits. See for more details.

Art can Change the World!


Art to Change the World (ACW) is a non-profit, diverse coalition of artists, educators, scientists, topic experts, and other change makers who join forces in service of positive social change. We employ the arts, education, audience engagement, and organizational partnerships to invoke positive discussion, reflection, and action.