What will we DO

What Did We Learn?
Friends of Art to Change the World Fundraiser.   Almost 100 people attended the Fundraiser. Fifty three paid to attend. We collected a random sample survey of 40 people 23 females and 17 males.

Age Range Residence
0 – 25 = 5 Out of State  = 7
26 – 40=11 Mpls/St. Paul =15
40 – 60=8 Suburbs=10
61 and above =16 Greater Minnesota = 8

We earned $1, 683 on the silent auction.  The wine was donated by Alexis Bailly Vineyard and Austin Brown from The Second Street Spirits and Cider Werks.  Pat Rogers donated the food from Holy Land bakery. Majentah Aquarius skated the donation hat through the crowd to great effect and Jill Waterhouse and Nick Cocchiarella provided entertainment.

We asked for one word reflections:
Well done, Magical, Lovely, Exquisite, Intrigued, Incredible, Spectacular, Wonderful, Diverse, Cool, Awesome, Interesting, Fantastic, Diverse, Fun, New, Great Job, Good Food, Wonderful, Inexplainable, Good, Energetic, Creative, Lively, Sincere, Eye-opening, Like it!, Great, Fantastic, Beautiful, Interesting, Fun, Variety, Beautiful, Moving, Eye-Opening, Blown Away, Eclectic, Diverse, Lively, Inspiring, Peace.

We managed to collect over 200 “DO” commitments with our DO hand strategy. Dr. Bridges will also analyze these action commitments and they will be shared on ACW’s See. Say. DO outcomes web page and in all media. https://www.arttochangetheworld.org/events-b/ Here are a few examples:

*Love everyone, Love Myself, Everyday
*Build Community, Further Develop  writing craft response to issues of justice. Finish another novel-this one called *History/Artist.
*Respect the Earth
*Use camera to document /cement love of family
*Advocate for Justice
*Promote artists who address global warming solutions
*See underneath what is happening
*Connect with water organizations in Minneapolis and in Florida. Be active with caring for water
*Justice for ALL
*Found my people. Found a new direction
*Try for not so much scary talk. We can not afford to be paralyzed
*Make more music
*Echo the transformations which happen here.  Berlin:Israeli -Palestinian Women Think Tank.
*Make art that promotes social justice and ends the WAR
“TALK ART” to all who will listen
*Love Everyone, Love Myself, Everyday.  Respect the Earth. No Littering.
*Advocate for Justice
*Make art that promotes social justice and ends WAR
*Stand on Every Corner
*Think More about the water I drink-and work to make sure it is safe.
*Not so much scary talk- we can not afford to be paralyzed.
*Raise Artists, Musicians, Dancers and Provocateurs
*Publish more essays written by people with disabilities
*Call my legislator
*Write my book
*I will be constructive
*Put my thoughts down on paper
*Volunteer for Literacy
*Spread the Knowledge
*Be honest with myself and others
*Write the change
*Keep freakin’ out the squares
*Be Local. Build Community.
*Step Up Speak Up Support
*Talk to people I sit next to on the bus more often
*Get elected to the school board
*Amplify minority voices
*Stand on every corner
*Continue Thinking
*To Authentically Follow my Path
*To share Truth. My Truth. Even if it is hard to share
*Sight through time with eyes closed
*Defend the water
*Defend my culture
*Fight against the expatriation of my people
*Love the earth and everyone on it
*Continue writing and drawing and voting and communicating and living with Fervor and Passion
*Let go and smile
*Ask family and friends to learn and tell their family’s story of immigration
*Volunteer for literacy
*Understand that your truth is only one truth
*Spread Love and Kindness
*Spread the new Knowledge
*Talk too much ;))
*Advocate and Educate Technology “Playpen or Playground”
*Promote tolerance by example in everyday life
*Promote Teachers!
*Become a dedicated water protector
*Write the change
*Draw ; 0 ))))
*Support Women: financially, emotionally, in politics, in the home
*Learn more!!
*Center children’s voices and listen to their ideas
*Advocate for the arts daily
*Find my cause to make a positive change
*Write a mental health memoir
*It’s OK to be different
*Create time for me to reflect
*Be respectful
*Death Awareness
*Being positive and never losing what makes you unique
*Become an elementary school teacher
*Educate and love
*Act with integrity and love to the my highest understanding
*Art CAN change the world. It has done so throughout history.
*Just try to keep going…and help others to plan to vote
*Support the School
*Use literacy skills to promote a shared mental model promoting positive adaptive change at my hospital
*I will look beyond myself and my own needs
*Connect with people
*Protect water
*Look outward- not inward
*Connect with my legislator
*Be present
*Smile often
*Join a club
*Spread happiness
*Community Outreach
*Tell people you are worth it
*Show up even if you do not want to
*Believe in Change. Hold onto Hope. The arts give us a vision of what could be
*Help those in need
*Use art to share our stories and experiences
*Help to get out the vote
*Eschew tolerance . Promulgate empathy
*Witness from the heart. How the artist animates the spirit
*Listen and discuss
*Spread Positivity
*Live a good life
*Love sanity
*Love  more freely and smile
*I will smile when others are not
*I will compassionately listen to survivors
*Workout and be healthy
*Be a good wife and mother
*Create public sacred space
*I will not park in handicapped carping- even though I have certification
*Work harder
*Fund the film and raise awareness
*Live with Happiness
*Meet people
*Help others
*Put thoughts into action
*Intentional conversation
*Door knock to get out the vote
*I will make more of an effort to actively collaborate with more community partners
*Help Others
*Amplify women of color on social media
*Encourage others
*Quilts for people that are homeless and homes to be in
*Be an example. Stretch myself in awareness, conversation and sharing empowerment
*Enjoy spending time with my mom  and cherish that time.

ACW member, Kira Corser created several videos which have been widely distributed:

Compassionate Conversations  https://vimeo.com/294360852

Compassionate Conversations 2    https://vimeo.com/296466777

Shira and Barbara  https://vimeo.com/294579862

ACW Trailer   https://vimeo.com/294364464

Trailer 2   https://vimeo.com/294889143