What/Who are Coaches and Candidates?


  1. Youth Candidate that will become the “Project Manager” – there is no age limit but we imagine they will be under 30. This person will have a general idea of a social practice art project that will actively engage 50 to 100 community members.  This idea will be centered around a social justice issue of their choosing.
  2. Artist “Coach”- a professional artist that has a history of being engaged in social practice art and wants to both share their knowledge and learn from others in this project. This artist can be from the field of visual, dance, music, writing, audio, etc.
  3. Scientist “Coach”- a professional in a scientific field that is interested in both sharing their knowledge and learning from others in the project. We are looking for a wide range of scientists: environmentalists, health- mental and physical, sociologists, chemists,  technologists, computer, botanists, etc.