Web Re-Org Minutes


We Re-Org Committee




  • Barbara
  • Frances
  • Susan
  • Paul
  • Layl
  • Collin
  • Apollo




Ideas we don’t agree on can just be things we aren’t moving forward with


It is important to know how to contact people and make it searchable by alphabetical, skills, and services


Add a Task Force page that includes a description and how to join


We shouldn’t be picking and choosing which projects are important to have as drop-down links


Frances’ site map

  • Project Manager should move to membership
  • Add Club Critique and On Location to the Our Art section
  • Create a combo of Frances’ icons and Kelly’s words
  • Photo collage as the banner art


Minutes in a prominent location


Do we need a sidebar? -> No


Barbara’s ideas

  • Her text can go Who We Are section
  • Let’s update the photos in the banner before the website update


Social media icons at the top and on the Contact Us link


Get Paul, Apollo, and Collin on the same page


Will bring our ideas up at the March Task Force meeting