Trends emerging from three questions

Change from what to what?
#1 Connecting Community
Expand art forms
Connect people across socio-economic boundaries
Inward to Outward
Selfish to Altruistic
Exploitation to Stewardship
Factional to Inter-sectional
Reactive  to Proactive
Isolated to Emphatic
Bring people together- mental health and happiness
Art helps people think about art in a different way.
Explaining, clarifying,  and portraying  the role of humans as an integral part of nature
Focus on the 4 R’s: Rethinking, Reusing, Refurbishing, and Recycling

What is Missing?
#1  Inclusive Global  Convener of  using art for social change
Big Picture-interrelated /interconnected
Altruistic attitude
Live to serve and serve to live
Prohibiting planet exterminators
Convening/Networking across organizations
Networks of Hope
Develop foundations of understanding and a common language
Comprehensive Resource Nexus
Support F to F  opportunities
Beware of becoming Ecotistical
Employ a theory to Practice model: A
ction without thoughts, ideas, reflections, guiding principles of some kind–will be less effective.

Activities and Actions
Sustainability = Re-Think  Refuse Reduce Refurbish
Coaching program
Amplification and support to other organizations
Develop a model of trust
Bring art to the intersection with other disciplines
Events that support “the great turning”
Local/Global Ambassadors Program
Searchable database
Train Social Practice Artists/Workshop
Help organization learn how to use art as a tool to meet their mission.