TF Minutes OCT 19

Task Force Meeting




  • Barbara
  • Kelly
  • Natalie
  • Lucy
  • Becca
  • Deb
  • Layl
  • Candy
  • Margo
  • Frances
  • Bronwyn
  • Lin
  • Sadie
  • Walter
  • Katie
  • Daphne




Liza helped connect us with a real accounting company to get our taxes figured out because of how big we have gotten.


We are still looking for funding, but Barbara has crunched the numbers and made things work for now.


The new member event -rolling out new small projects -will become an annual thing


SWAP & Barter will be launched in the newsletter and at the Nov 19th event. Adding it to the website will come when we finish updating our website.


Frances will create a Facebook event for the Nov 19th new member event


Barbara needs to reach out to MCAD professor about getting people to our new member event


Critique Cabaret

  • Open mic style and geared toward younger (20s-30s) artists though anyone is welcome
  • The logo and poster will be cleared up to put out for promo


Banner – Kelly and Apollo will have their concepts voted on.


The Maker Space program will be coming back Dec 1st


Next meeting November 14th at 6pm