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ACW Sensory Space

The re-Imagineers are a powerful group of women working within ACW’s Coaching Project for a Better World.  Madalina Kelner is the Coaching Project Manager who  works closely with Beverly Tipton Hammond, Artist Coach, and Sandra Reardon, Scientist Coach. The team has been working toward implementing a sensory-friendly space in a facility that could benefit from its healing.

The re-Imagineers recently toured Wilshire Park Elementary School’s sensory space to get a clear idea of a successfully running sensory space model.

The ACW Sensory Space is being implemented within an Emma Norton residential project for homeless mothers and their children. Emma Norton provides transformational housing and growth for women and families on their journey of recovery. The Sensory Space being installed is extremely apropos to Emma’s residents and helps people of all ages re-center and heal and offers options of sensory experiences that calm and relax through a variety of textures, sounds, and smells made available. This Coaching Project for a Better World Sensory Space will be adorned with safe storage, comfortable seating, and a mural project led by a local artist. The project was funded by The Minnesota Regional Arts Council, ACW and Harlen Luxenberg (President & CEO, Professional Data Analysts).

More Information:  Madalina K



Sandra has list of fidgets and will have total by mid month.

Have a team member buy them and then get reimbursed or have total and then Barbara can put the amount in their paypal.

Send spreadsheet to Barbara.

Will have to buy it for Emma Norton to use.

Going on Friday to finalize dates for mural and carpenter etc.

Artists and Carpenter will be paid after finishing ($500 for each)

Mural – Met with Drew last week.  He will create two concepts to choose from.

Will set up a time next week to see the room.

Residents will help with the creation.

Kids will assist in painting the base colors.

The residents and the staff will choose which theme and then the residents will be involved in specifics.

Needs paint supplies ahead of time. Beverly will send an amount and then Barbara will reimburse for supplies.

Madelina will double check measurements.

Sandra and Madelina will work on furniture.

Learning about layout specifics at the meeting Friday.



Sandra is meeting with Emma Norton on Friday- find out their expectations. See the space.
Muralist is picked out- will start conversation with EM about what will go on.
A Resource for Carpenter has been found.
Plans to get together with community members. Greatest amount of input with as many people as possible. Mid March is Deadline for community involvement. Will try to get some community input earlier – for instance meeting with smaller groups on Zoom.Funds- Will have a full list all at once.
Will be visiting Wilshire school on Friday- will gather resources.


Hammond, Reardon, Kelner Present
Meetings canceled COvid
Meeting January 24.  Zoom
Mural will be facilitated by Drew Hammond
MAdelina needs carpenter name. BArbara will send.




Emma Norton – demographic is POC families.

Smaller space with a relaxing feel. Works as a temporary office also.

Have received $500 from donor.  Harmon Luxembourg data analysis

Received $1000 from Emma Norton



Requesting youth involvement and small group of advisors that come from a variety of ages.

Have kids involved in panting and creating the room.

Planning point program and incentives. Sign in program.

Andrew Hammond and/or other murals will work with kids to create the space.

Sensory room

Sandra is going to design mini therapy sessions.


Sandra shared wonderful objects :

Water on a Stone

Three headed dragon puppet

Smelly markers

Magnet board.

Rainbow scratch board

Water color paints

Doodle book

Mandala to color

Ice packs

Pipe cleaners


Work book of activities

November 24

The Re-Imagineers has become one united group.
Nailed down location and Room
100% approved by Emma Norton
E.N. is interested in having Sandy come in after the room is installed.
Call it a Sensory Room
(Re)Center(ed) is the brand “name”. To Do:
Contract will be created
$1000 would be added to the project from E.N. for consumables to be added to the room.
Summary of meeting on Tues. the 29th will be sent out on Friday to ACW team and then to E.N.
Reaching out on Monday for schedule options for dates and times that work best. Daytime. Sandy’s off days are Thursdays. Meeting with the wider community- In person to get general ideas.
Group will meet with 3 ambassadors (different ages) of residence to help discuss ideas like color of room etc. – In person
Meeting with this group again
Specifics about what will be in the room to be discussed.
Gather bullet points for the contract at these meetings. Space layout will also work as a temporary office.
Pamphlets for (Re)Center(ed) will be in the room.
Sandy needs to go see the space and meet E.N. team.Needs- Carpenter to build specifically for the space.
Barbara will connect Madalina with Greg Volker. Worksheets will be created for the room.

October 20
Ideas about what the project will look like- Making it Mobile is a possibility. 
Plans to look for venues.
Beverly looking at non-profit and public health spaces, libraries, community centers.
Agreed they need a psychologist in the circle. Action:
Jayson will be writing an article due the 26th for newsletter. 
Task Force meeting 24th 4:00 (Beverly)
Barbara will connect Beverly with Bianca
Jayson will find a psychologist to work with. 
Create a TO DO list for the project. 
Beverly will share info she discovers about venues with team and Barbara and Layl.                  Discussions with a Neuroscientist                                                                                                                    Madelina working on branding   


Emma Norton facility:

Emma Norton House

670 Robert St N, St Paul, MN 55101


Shawna Nelsen-Wills

Emma Norton Services provides transformational housing and growth for women and families on their journey of recovery.

Questions about the space.


What can you forecast for youth involvement and how can they be involved?

Follow up next week.


Do you already have the resources and people available to keep the space monitored? 

Not a preferred Idea to have security cameras instead staff would be in the building unlocking the door manually for each visit and checking the room afterwards. It is a possibility for scheduling to take place online. They have resources to do that. Scheduling will be completely facilitated by Emma.


If we have hand outs in the space or survey sheets can you agree to keep them stocked?

Yes we have been met with a $1000 donation from Emma’s Place already to cover the first round of deliverables for the community. They plan of budgeting monthly in the future to keep the space and its resources flowing. They also offered to incentivize youth involvement with gift cards for helping the space come to life.


Is the space going to be open to the public/ are people allowed to be referred?

Only residence, board, and people connected with Emma Norton will be beneficiaries of the space. There are also people that have been with Emma Norton for a certain amount of years that still really benefits the space provides they are also able to use the space.


How will this space serve your people?

Social emotional programming. While programming is taking place in the neighboring space for youth mothers and youth can utilize the space on appointment basis adjacent to programming. Another idea as well programming is taking place, the sensory space will offer a quiet area for any kids having a hard time to re-center themselves.


How can we make the space accessible to your community and ensure people utilize it?

Case managers will be encouraging families to stay involved at the space. Including the sensory space as their funding/program budget on a monthly basis.


How will you make a model of the space? Will you pass on the idea and keep the life of this one alive?

A new building is being built in Highland. It will have 60 single housing units with kitchens and bathrooms. They want to duplicate the sensory space in this building. Social services agencies such as Ramsey county,  Harriet Tubman, PPL.


To what extent can we alter/modify the space.

Anything goes. Don’t tear down walls.


Do you have specialists/staff/resources to help us create this space for your community specifically?

Yes collaborate with Shawna about furniture options and wall colors as she is collaborating with the designers of the new building and already receiving feedback on how to make it trauma healing centered in its design.


Would you be open to having our group facilitate a expressive event? Sandra a psychotherapist with a background in Sensorimoter therapy she would love to host.

Yes interested in Sandra’s programing connect them.


On deck for next Tuesday

  1. Finalizing the choice of which space will be used making sure everyone agrees.
  2. Inquire further on youth involvement
  3. Youth liability signing off responsibility
  4. Follow up any programming questions to ask the program Director.