Task Force Nov 14 2023


Task Force Meeting




  • Barbara
  • Frances
  • Rose
  • Kelly
  • Layl
  • Lin
  • KaoLee
  • Alkemy
  • Katie
  • Lucy
  • Candy
  • Apollo
  • Sadie
  • Bronwyn




$1,000 Club

  • Newly created for donors in that amount
  • Candy has prints she can donate
  • River boat trip approved


Call your city council person – See the contact list Lin created


We need handmade greeting cards to use for big donors


SWAP & Barter

  • Up to 3 forms at a time
  • Forms and questions should be sent to both Lin and Lucy
  • Create a survey for people to give feedback on the experience


Critique Cabaret

  • Barbara is helping Bronwyn with getting this ready to go
  • Surveys will ask people for feedback using the elements of art and design


Trash to Treasure is ready to launch on the November 19th event


The Art of Drag went really well and the booklet has been uploaded to the project page


Maker Space/Emma Norton applications go out on December 1st


Echoes of Tradition

  • Need a logo/banner design
  • Working on getting a venue and performers


Mill City banner was approved


We are looking for people with good references to help us with the website update

  • Katie may have a contact
  • How do we get scholarship members into our database?


Twitter account deletion has been approved


Winter Programming

  • Approved name: Cabin Fever Reliever
  • Confirmed most of the scheduling


Important dates

  • November 16th – Give to the Max Day
  • November 16th to 18th – MCAD art sale, support Kelly and others
  • November 19th – New Member event
  • November 25th – Small business Saturday (Solar Arts)
  • December 1st and 2nd – Do the Dow
  • December 7th to 9th – Light Up the Night (Solar Arts)
  • December 16th – Holiday Art Market (Solar Arts)
  • December 18th – Happy Birthday Kelly!


Newsletter details need to be sent to Barbara by the 26th of the month


Next meeting December 4th at 6pm