September 8, 2021 Task Force Action Minutes

Greetings ACW Task Force September 8, 2021 Task Force Action Minutes

Next meeting of the Task Force is September 26, 2021 at 4:00 PM. Zoom details to follow.

Milestone. In ACW Artists get paid. I finished the 2nd quarter Profit and Loss Statement and ACW artists were paid $15,553.91 from April -June 2021. In ACW- Artists get paid.

1. Rebecca David will help with grants.

2.  Need someone to volunteer to take minutes at Task Force Meetings.

3. Critique Model Plans -Greg  Volker

Start a Task Force Group to create an ACW Critique Model. Board member Sally Gibson suggested we might find a new word to describe the activity. Her students react very negatively to the word “Critique”.

SHAWN/DEB/BARBARA/SUSAN/NINA.  All welcome.  Contact Greg:

4. ADP and PUPP Report.  We lost $740.00 on the ADP project but I feel like it was an important achievement for the growth of the organization.  We brought positive light into the community in a very dark time.  It was worth the investment.

We are meeting with another interested developer next week.  We will be proposing three different levels of engagement. See attached.

Survey report emerging trends on ADP:
Liked: the music, no fees, making the $600, promotion . Did not Like: bugs, why not in front of restaurant (permitting issues), being asked to mention ACW


.5.Fox Den Solo Exhibitions on First Thursdays. October start. Lucy is Exhibition Chair. She is looking for 5 review committee members.

ACW is helping pay for an update in the room.

Also Special event days for ACW PROGRAMS. See Lucy’s documents and dates following. Contact Lucy with Ideas and your application

It was voted to pay the following stipends for activities related to the Fox Den Shows.


B. STIPENDS FOR SOLO SHOW.  $50 to the ARTIST to use as they see fit. They are responsible for EVERYTHING.  One page “how to”  handout in development. Artist is responsible for developing promo copy and distributing. The Fox Den is a small modest space but it IS a gallery and can be used for a solo show line item on your resume.  However, WE are responsible for driving traffic to the site.

C. STIPEND FOR SPECIAL EVENT COORDINATION: $100  This will require more coordination and promotional activity, design Activity cards etc.

It was voted to require ACTIVE member status to apply for ACW projects. ACW is a collective and you must be willing to donate time, treasure or talent to ensure our ACW organization is sustainable.

Lucy’s Documents Attached . THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE LUCY!  Outstanding work.

6.Coaching Project Teams Chosen

Ashley Richardson Writer and Artist BF 27

Response to violence on black bodies Walkway Installation with art and poetry. Experiential.  Participants add to the work.

Scientist   Dominique Zellmer f 42 Multi ethnic  Gender inequality LGBT


Artist  Deacon  Warner W M 53 film maker


Lauren Edson   W F 22 LGBT   Gender Identity

Scientist  Mark Jelinik  50 W M , mob psychology lack of critical thinking

Artist Susan Hensel W F 71
The idea of beauty?  Use scientific method

Madalina Kelner   WF  25    Trauma Recovery Space 

Scientist  Jason Randall  WM 53  Super techie- makes environment sculptures

Artist  Hammond F AA 53 music/dance/theater